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Hyydrologic Modeling module using HEC-HMS

Hydrologic analysis is typically done using lumped parameter models such as HEC-1. The module provides a graphical interface to HEC-1, HEC-HMS, TR-20, HSPF, TR-55, Rational Method, the National Streamflow Statistics Program (NSS), and other programs. In the absence of terrain data, topological or tree representations of a watershed can be created. Then all necessary input data to run one of the supported models can be defined using a series of dialogs. This module is used for interfacing to hydrologic models and for the construction of topologic watershed models in the absence of digital terrain data.

The Hydrologic Modeling Module is included with all paid editions of WMS. This module is the primary module available for the public domain version.

Hydrologic Modeling Interface

The graphical interface for the Hydrologic Modeling Module contains both menus and tools.

When the Hydrologic Modeling Module is active, a number of selection tools become available in the dynamic toolbar. These include tools for selecting outlets, basins, diversions, and hydrographs. See Hydrologic Modeling Tools for more information.

Right-clicking on Hydrologic Modeling items in the Project Explorer provides access to a number of menu commands. See Project Explorer Contents for Hydrologic Modeling Module for more information.

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