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Units Toolbar

The planimetric and elevation units are displayed in the Units toolbar, on the far right of the top toolbars The Units button can be used to access/change the current units and coordinate system definition. The units of the data are important when making area, length, slope, and other geometric calculations. WMS must have the correct units defined for the raw data (DEM, TIN, etc.) in order to make the appropriate conversions to model units such as square miles, kilometers squared (area) and miles, kilometers, feet, meters (distance).

Units Dialog

WMS Units dialog

This dialog is also accessible through the Edit | Units menu command. Model units are the units of the geometric data (i.e. TIN, DEM, Feature Objects, etc.) uses to develop hydrologic and hydraulic models whereas parameter units are the units to have areas and distanced converted to when performing calculations.

IMPORTANT: WMS requires that the Horizontal and Vertical units be the same in order to correctly estimate slopes.

Units are closely related to the Current Coordinate System and so access to this dialog is given in order to change the current units setting.

Model Units

Parameter Units

  • Basin Areas – sets units for basin areas. Options include: "Square miles", "Square kilometers", "Acres", and "Hectares".
  • Distances – options include: "Feet", "Meters", "Kilometers", and "Miles".

Drain Data Display Options

This button will bring up the Display Options dialog.

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