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TR-55 dialog

TR-55 models can be defined in WMS using the commands in the TR-55 menu and resulting dialogs. The TR-55 model has long been used to determine the increase in runoff resulting from the development of rural land into urban land. The WMS interface to TR-55, combined with the basin delineation and time of concentration calculations from feature objects (see Lag Time and Time of Concentration), makes it simple to set up and run several different scenarios in a relatively short time period.

This section describes the mechanics of the WMS interface to TR-55 and is not a complete reference to the methodology, uses, and limitations. For more in depth information, read Technical Release 55: Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds, 2nd Edition.

WMS uses its own format for saving or reading a TR-55 simulation. When in the Hydrologic Modeling Module, select TR-55 from the drop-down list of models to make TR-55 the active model. To edit the TR-55 parameters and run a TR-55 simulation, select the outlets or basins to edit and/or run and select the Run Simulation menu item from the TR-55 menu.

The TR-55 model is included with all paid editions of WMS.

TR-55 Menu

The TR-55 menu, available in the Hydrologic Modeling module, contains the following commands:

  • Read Simulation – Brings to the Open dialog to import a file saved in the TR-55 file format (*.trf).
  • Save Simulation – Exports simulation files.
  • Run Simulation – Opens the TR-55 dialog where simulation run parameters can be specified and the simulation run launched.
  • Stochastic Modeling – Brings up the Stochastic Run Parameters dialog.
  • Run Stochastic Model – Opens the the Model Steering dialog to start the stochastic model run.

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