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Static tools

The tools available in every module are located in the Static Tool Palette. These tools are used for basic operations such as panning, zooming, and rotating. The static tools are as follows:

Pan Tool

The Pan Pan Tool.svg tool is used to pan the viewing area of the Graphics Window. When the Pan tool is active, clicking the mouse in the Graphics Window has the following results:

  • Mouse Click – By clicking on a location on the screen the entire display will be panned so that the point clicked on is in the center of the graphics window.
  • Mouse Drag – While clicking and holding the mouse cursor down, drag the point clicked on to any other location in the graphics window.

Zoom Tool

The viewing area can be magnified/shrunk using the Zoom Zoom Tool Icon.svg tool. When this tool is active, the following actions can be used to redefine the viewing area of the Graphics Window:

  • Zooming In – To zoom in select the Zoom tool and click on the part of the model to zoom in about, or drag a rectangle around the area to be fitted to the graphics window.
    • A rectangle can be dragged around a portion of the display to zoom in on a particular region. The display is refreshed and the area inside the rectangle is expanded to fill the entire screen.
    • If a point is clicked, the display is zoomed in around the point by a factor of two.
  • Zooming Out – To zoom out select the Zoom tool and hold down the SHIFT key (notice that the plus sign WMS ZoomInCurser.png inside of the Zoom tool changes to a minus sign WMS ZoomOutCursor.png while moving the cursor). To zoom out, click on a point in the graphics window. WMS will zoom out with the point clicked on at the center of the screen. The display is zoomed out by a factor of two.
  • Framing – To zoom in or out so that everything just fits within the graphics window, select Display | Frame Image, or by select the Frame macro WMSIcon Frame.png.
  • Previous View – After zooming in/out it is sometimes useful to return the previous view. This can be done by selecting Display | View | Previous View, or by selecting the Previous View tool Borehole Left Tool.svg.

Rotate Tool

The Rotate Rotate Tool.svg tool provides a quick way to rotate the image on-screen about the x and z axes. Two rotation methods are available:

  • Single Update – Holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor in the Graphics Window rotates the object in the direction specified in dynamically A horizontal movement rotates the image about the z axis. A vertical movement rotates the image about the x axis. The amount of rotation depends on the length the cursor moves while the mouse button is down.
  • Continuous Update – Holding down both the CTRL key and the mouse button while dragging the cursor in the Graphics Window creates an arrow vector indicating the direction and magnitude of rotation. This is useful because the image is not updated until after the mouse button is released.

View Previous Tool

  • View Previous Borehole Left Tool.svg – redraw everything in the graphics window. Selecting the View | Previous View command of the Display, or the View Previous tool, restores the Graphics Window viewing parameters to those in place before the last viewing command was issued: rotate, zoom, pan, etc.).

View Next Tool

  • View Next Borehole Right Tool.svg – Active after using the View Previous macro. Redraws everything in the graphics window to how it was before using the View Previous command.

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