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Important Note

If you download and install the latest update and your software maintenance has expired, you will not be able to run WMS. Please make sure your WMS maintenance license has not expired before downloading. You can determine your maintenance expiration date by selecting the Help | Register command from WMS. You can renew your maintenance by visiting Aquaveo's web page or by contacting a sales representative. Prices and other information about renewing your license are available on the WMS Pricing Page. The latest update to WMS can be downloaded here.

WMS 11.2 Release Notes

WMS 11.2.2 - May 10, 2023


  • 14286 Exporting shapefiles from a drainage coverage adds extra table data, and doesn't import into ArcGIS.


  • 14377 GUI Test: WMS crashes when selecting "Coverages->Index Map" button under GSSHA|Maps... menu.

Hydrologic Data

  • 14378 GUI Test: Crash when trying to compute coverage overlay with calculator.


  • 14414 GUI Test: Smooth raster tool no longer comes up when right-clicking DEM and selecting convert to|smoothed raster.
  • 14344 "Feature Contours at Elevation" in SMS works on some rasters but not others.


  • 14411 Trimming a raster fails. Tool gives "Invalid arguments:" message and says the coverage is outside of the raster.


  • 14327 Warning about HY-8 prerequisite not installing correctly appears when installing WMS Dev.

WMS 11.2.1 - March 15, 2023

Online Maps

  • 14276 Web map service, when having added a new download source, is not displaying the downloaded data.


  • 14282 Trimming an integer raster changes raster type and display.


  • 14191 Annotation layer selection ignores the active layer.


  • 14279 WMS crashes when changing an outlet to be a generic point.


  • 14294 WMS cannot find files in subfolders when moved to new computer.

WMS 11.2.0 beta - January 26, 2023

  • Beta Release

WMS 11.1 Release Notes

WMS 11.1.13 - April 28, 2023


  • 14286 Exporting shapefiles from a drainage coverage adds extra table data, and doesn't import into ArcGIS.


  • 14377 GUI Test: WMS crashes when selecting "Coverages->Index Map" button under the GSSHA|Maps... menu.

Hydrologic Data

  • 14378 GUI Test: Crash when trying to compute coverage overlay in the calculator.

WMS 11.1.12 - January 11, 2023


  • Various minor improvements

WMS 11.1.11 - December 10, 2022


  • 13724 HEC-1 error retrieving diversion.


  • 13913 Color displayed for elevation raster appears different than expected for display options selected.


  • 14000 Problem with time steps when reading GSSHA solution files.


  • 14012 Installing WMS doesn't give the right start menu link for the Hydraulic Toolbox.


  • 14123 WMS shows degree measurements as meters or feet.


  • 13892 Can't download flood data from server.

WMS 11.1.10 - August 04, 2022

Google Earth

  • 13748 Exported KMZ file in Google earth shows full graphics window rather than just the grid.


  • 13824 Coverage display artifacts as part of grid.


  • 13642 Can't import SID file to display image.


  • Various Minor Improvements

WMS 11.1.9 - May 25, 2022


  • 13665 GSSHA Overland Flow Variable Crashes WMS.

Online Maps

  • 13737 Unexpected warning regarding world image retrieval when exporting GIS data.


  • Various Minor Improvements

WMS 11.1.8 - March 24, 2022


  • 13532 Incorrect x-axis display location of TIF.


  • Various Minor Improvements

WMS 11.1.7 - March 12, 2022


  • 13527 WMS hangs when building polygons in a CEQUAL branch coverage.
  • 13586 Help text shows up on wrong display when using two display monitors.


  • 13555 Projection from WMS project not added to "Recent Projections" list in Display Projection list.


  • Various minor improvements

WMS 11.1.6 - January 19, 2022


  • 12110 Toolbars are moved to left side of window when minimized.

Opening File

  • 13400 Opening a WPR file crashes WMS.
  • 12652 Unable to open KMZ file and properly convert to shapefile. Nothing appears when imported.


  • Various minor improvements

WMS 11.1.5 - November 11, 2021


  • 13400 Opening a .wpr file crashes WMS.
  • 13359 HMS to GSSHA Data files' Land Use Grid not loading in.


  • 13352 Unable to reproject DEMs using right-click Projection|Reproject command.


  • Various minor improvements

WMS 11.1.4 - September 15, 2021


  • Various minor improvements

WMS 11.1.3 - August 18, 2021

Online Maps

  • 12730 Floodplain missing blue and red lines. Not converting Z coordinates to feet for web service data read from FEMA that had Z values of meters.
  • 13174 Can't download NLCD 2006 or 2011 data.


  • 13168 Trimmed raster name doesn't change in the main graphics window to changed name. The correct name displays in the Project Explorer but not for the legend title.
  • 11912 Raster in ".grd" format not displaying.

WMS 11.1.2 - July 12, 2021

  • Final release

WMS 11.1.1 beta - April 26, 2021

  • Beta Release

WMS 11.0 Release Notes

WMS 11.0.7 - June 24, 2020


  • 12312 Crash when loading some ASC files.


  • 12154 WMS Installer gives error about Hydraulic Toolbox when a previous version of the Hydraulic Toolbox is installed.


  • 11670 DEM resample does nothing. The DEM has the same number of columns and rows as before.

Time Series

  • 12373 IDF curve errors in Time Computation Arc Attributes dialogs. The IDF data are not saved when accessed through the Calculate i button in the Time Computation Arc Attributes table.

WMS 11.0.6 - April 28, 2020


  • 12251 WMS crashes when mapping cross sections to TIN.

Generic Model

  • 12254 ALOS Global Digital Surface Model Data not recognized in XMS.

GIS Module

  • 12255 Merging images/rasters fails when using the merge command in the GIS module.


  • 12274 Unknown additional sediment type displayed in the Outlet Sediment Graph. Sediment type without text added to plot that should not be listed.
  • 12273 Invalid year when viewing Outlet Sediment graphs when valid years have been entered. Error message pops up saying "Year is out of valid range".

XY Series Editor

  • 12193 The XY Series Editor cuts off the vertical label until rows are added.

WMS 11.0.5 - January 31, 2020

3D Grid

  • 12176 2D is written as 'two D' when creating a new 2D grid.


  • 12452 Attempting to map multiple shapefiles only one shapefile is mapped.
  • 12179 WMS hangs when converting shapefile to feature objects.


  • 12014 WMS doesn't allow for routing of diversions in HEC-HMS.


  • 12139 Assign Cross Section database dialog crashes WMS when calculating Hydraulic Radius for cross sections.

Hydrologic Modeling

  • 12140 Rational Method - IDF Computation dialog does not retain all defined storm data. User Defined rainfall data is not retained outside of the recurrence last selected during the last instance of the project.
  • 12106 WMS hangs when mapping shapes to feature objects through the wizard. When attempting to map shapefile shapes to feature objects through the wizard, using the 'Create Coverage' button, WMS hangs at 26% and has to be forcibly closed and reopened. Mapping shapes to feature objects outside of the wizard does not have this issue.


  • 12149 When attempting to download higher resolutions of data, WMS progresses slowly, then results in a long GDAL error.

WMS 11.0.4 - November 7, 2019

Online Maps

  • 11803 Crash downloading data without specifying zoom level. When trying to download elevation data through the Wizard, there is no default zoom level. If the end user clicks 'OK' without specifying a zoom level, WMS crashes.
  • 11591 Get Data Tool gives error without background map. After setting a display projection, attempting to load maps through the 'Get Data Tool'results in an error or a blank image.

Opening File

  • 11609 WMS crashes when reading in a CE-QUAL-W2 simulation files.


  • 12001 NRCS v2.3.2 joined data differently in 11.0 than 10.1. The data joined to a given shapefile in WMS 11.0 does not match the data joined to the same shapefile in WMS 10.1. The version.txt that comes with each ssurgo download shows that they are both version 2.3.2.


  • 11848 TIFF reads with data in 10.1 but only as an image in 11.0. Select TIFF files have the option to create a land use grid in WMS 10.1, but not in WMS 11.0. Exporting it from WMS 10.1 as a GeoTIFF does give a file that reads as a raster in 11.0.

WMS 11.0.3 - May 3, 2019


  • 11575 Crash when computing Basin Data.


  • 11598 TIF file only shows bottom left corner after opening other TIF files.
  • 11602 Creating a "Trimmed Raster" brings up an error message saying the command did not run correctly. An empty TIF file is then created.


  • 11638 Clicking Create Coverages right-click command in the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard does nothing.

Display Options

  • 11640 Lidar not displaying correctly in SMS 13.0 and WMS 11.0. Displaying low points by default when by default low points should not be displayed.

Film Loop

  • 11625 WMS window closes when creating .kmz film file.


  • 11661 Asking to confirm deletions even when preference is turned off. However, if the preferences (clicking on and off) are reset, then WMS acts as it should.
  • 11608 Click-Drag Box Sticks. The click and drag box stays on the screen and follows the cursor.


  • 11582 Unable to convert multiple DEMs to a single DEM. When having selected multiple DEMs in the GIS module and using the Convert to | DEM command, only the active file is converted instead of merging the files together.


  • 11702 Problem with Job control (and possibly other information) when duplicating GSSHA scenarios. When editing the Job Control for the duplicate scenario, the original scenario is also changed.
  • 11701 Problem duplicating GSSHA models with Richard's infiltration (and possibly other infiltration types) defined. The mapping table doesn't display the correct duplicated values.

Hydrologic Modeling

  • 11658 OC Rational Results prints weird values. The OC Results table gives velocities and flow depths that appear to have the decimal and values past the decimal loop several times, instead of giving one value with one decimal.
  • 11635 WMS reports wrong NSS error %. Giving values for the lower bound of the prediction interval instead of the correct range.


  • 11581 Default for Display Options has Low Point(Noise) turned on

Model Control

  • 11601 WMS window closes when selecting HEC-RAS model control

Online Maps

  • 11794 Add online maps doesn't load the desired image

Project Explorer

  • 11590 Right Click Menu opens to left side
  • 11613 'Processing' appears when GIS Data is turned off


  • 11767 Problem displaying images when changing the display projection
  • 11766 Problem displaying 2 images in different projections
  • 11567 Projection information window does not update in Horizontal Projection dialog


  • 11670 DEM resample does nothing


  • 11626 UGrid Vectors: Why doesn't 3D layer vectors match 2D layer for layer 2 (2d_vectors.gpr)

WMS 11.0.2 - February 3, 2019


  • 11566 GUI Test: Display does not refresh after Computing Direction/Accumulation


  • 11536 11.0 - Digital Elevation file does not save/import correctly


  • 11535 11.0 - Crash aborting Terrain Data import

WMS 11.0.1 - November 7, 2018


  • 11295 1D Hydraulic Model computations is placing the reach at the wrong side of a centerline/cross-section

Feature Object

  • 11220 GUI Test: Active tool changes from Select Feature Polygon to Select Basin after double clicking

Project Explorer

  • 11233 Right Click Option for LiDAR Includes Convert to UGrid


  • GUI Test: WMS crashes when setting the Object Projection before there is a Display Projection

WMS 11.0.0 beta - August 17, 2018

  • Beta Release

WMS 10.1 Release Notes

WMS 10.1.17 - Release May 21, 2018


  • 010410 Crash computing basin data


  • 010517 Crash Creating Flood Extents Coverage
  • 010404 Crash when converting Coverage to Index Map when there is no Soil/Land Use Coverage
  • 010372 Compute Coverage Overlay Crash Using Empty Coverage
  • 010669 Calling delete on 2D Scatter Data in WMS when selecting multiple items causes crash
  • 010479 Importing File Into the WMS XY Series Editor Crash

Scatter Data

  • 010670 Calling Duplicate 2d Scatter Data Set in WMS causes crash


  • 010574 Selecting "No" in the dialog to processing current breakline in creating streams dialog causes crash

WMS 10.1.16 - Release March 21, 2018


  • 09882 TOPAZ runs with an error when the folder path is too long

WMS 10.1.15 - Release January 1, 2018


  • 09922 WMS Crashes Exporting HMS with Diversions from Basin

WMS 10.1.14 - Release November 13, 2017


  • 09798 GUI Test: Unexpected behaviors when saving modified Annotations


  • 09757 GUI Test: Storm Drain|Map->1D Schematic is not setting the Conduit Length

Project Explorer

  • 09782 Deleting a basin in the Hydrologic Modeling Tree will delete any basins located below it
  • 09781 Crash after converting empty CAD data to Feature Objects

WMS 10.1.13 - Release September 18, 2017

Feature Objects

  • 09417 Problem when selecting Map->Schematic command after reading EPANET WMS project file
  • 09409 Water Distribution:Map->1D Schematic Causes Loss of Node Properties


  • 09783 Crash when deleting an outlet


  • 09806 Wetland ID Assignment Greater Than GSSHA will Allow


  • 09827 HY8 Modeling Wizard causes a crash using "Edit Crossing/Roadway Data button"

Online Maps

  • 09725 Unable to download NED data

Time Series

  • 09482 HEC-1 Disappearing Precipitation Time Series

WMS 10.1.12 - Release March 1, 2017


  • 09259 Crash when saving WMS project after deleting a GSSHA coverage

WMS 10.1.11 - Release October 11, 2016

  • 09106 Problem importing .cmt files in the GSSHA mapping table editor
  • 09112 Problem setting contour values in contour options dialog
  • 09108 Problem downloading vector soils data from georgia
  • 09066 WMS doesn't seem to be computing the Culvert Analysis
  • 09072 Crash When Deleting 2D Grid
  • 09082 Crash importing TIF
  • 09026 Channel Arc Error in GSSHA Tutorial
  • 08982 Crash when bringing up help with no internet connection or bad connection to xmswiki.com
  • 08532 Ground Elevations not Being assigned to Nodes in EPA-NET Model Interface
  • 08961 Problem retaining data in an EPANET model

WMS 10.1.10 - Release June 07, 2016

WMS 10.1.7 beta - Release January 18, 2016

WMS 10.0 Release Notes

Intermediate Release 10.0.12 – February 8, 2016

  • 08570 - Duplicated 1D 2D BCs and Links Coverages have "linked" BC Attributes
  • 08579 - Nodes not Renumbered in Merged Coverages
  • 08474 - WMS crashes after right clicking on Terrain Data sub menu item.
  • 08400 - Link Icon not Created in the Correct Location for 1D Schematic
  • 08421 - TOPAZ is reporting error about elevation values that is inaccurate
  • 08131 - Problem saving HMS rainfall from WMS 10.0
  • Other RegWiz Problems

Intermediate Release 10.0.11 – September 16, 2015

  • 8132 - current projection has changed to object projection in basic HMS modeling tutorial
  • 8134 - Edit | Current Projection needs to be replaced in the tutorials
  • 8182 - WMS not exporting rainfall correctly for MODCLARK gridded precipitation
  • 8179 - SMPDBK Flood Conversion
  • 8124 - TC values not calculated
  • 7996 - Strange error message when creating duplicate solution names in the project explorer
  • 8022 - Bogus Flow Values message after computing basin data twice
  • 7995 - Crash when creating new HY-12 Structure
  • 8001 - .xys file Not Importing
  • 8053 - HEC HMS Channel Routing Parameters not exported
  • 8007 - WMS Crashes When Opening flood.wpr.
  • 8013 - WMS Crashes When Opening Run1.wms
  • 8014 - WMS crashes when clicking River Tools | Map -> 1D Schematic in the main menu.
  • 8004 - MODRAT Interface Schematic - Tutorial needs updating for changes in the detention basin calculator
  • 8020 - Add option to calibrate to Total Suspended Solids (TSS) at interior points in the GSSHA interface
  • 0542 - Training slides need to be updated to discuss concepts intoroduced by the new DEM Delineation tutorial
  • 4052 - Interface to create automated calibration files when the model is calibrated to one or more internal points
  • 4762 - Replace WMS FHWA calculators with the Hydraulic Toolbox calculators (40 hours)
  • 4833 - The project explorer needs an horizontal scroll bar and problems with the vertical scroll bar
  • 5900 - Check into reading data into WMS from the national map viewer
  • 5898 - Is there a way WMS could download the data on the national map viewer?
  • 6120 - Test HMS 4.0 with WMS 9.1
  • 7987 - NCDC Climate data web services used in WMS are being phased out
  • 7597 - WMS dev can't access NSS_v6.mdb
  • 8002 - Problem importing DEM in WMS 10.0 and later versions
  • 8003 - Problem assigning index maps to mapping tables when there are different scenarios
  • 7906 - Box culvert dimensions save incorrectly
  • 7943 - Backwater cards not saving
  • 7907 - GSSHA depth grid not saving/exporting correctly for import into ArcMap

Intermediate Release 10.0.10 – May 6 2015

  • Merged revision(s) 35575 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0008002: Problem importing DEM in WMS 10.0 and later versions. This problem was caused by SVN revision 33257. Revision 33257 changed how we handle the Y-resolution so it's not a...

Intermediate Release 10.0.9 – Feb 23 2015

  • Merged revision(s) 33350 from devproj/trunk/Dev: * Fix problem with assigning GSSHA lake cells when the lake outlet node is downstream from an embankment edge on the grid ........
  • Merged revision(s) 32899 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix problems with WMS GSSHA tutorial tests--when running multiple GSSHA scenarios, the mapping tables were using the same memory in each of the scenarios instead of making a new copy for each...
  • Merged revision(s) 35539 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007943: Backwater cards not saving. See bug report for information about bugfix. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 35516 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007907: GSSHA depth grid not saving/exporting correctly for import into ArcMap. See bug report for more information. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 35514 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007906: Box culvert dimensions save incorrectly ........
  • Merged revision(s) 35355 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007959: Multiple Items Being Selected When Creating New Materials in the Materials Data Dialog. See bug report for more information. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 35321 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed a problem with the rainfall grid and other grids (land use, soil type) not being displayed if the display option to display these grids is turned on. Also the option to display these g...
  • Merged revision(s) 35294 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed a problem with the grid control (spreadsheets) not copying/pasting values correctly after you have clicked on a toggle or a button. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 34934 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Added dao.dll to WMS installation to fix a problem with NSS; Changed the bin.bat file so this file is also included in the 64 bit version. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 34894 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007849: Selecting TIN Dataset Properties or View values Causes Crash: Bring up error message if no vertices exist that are associated with the selected dataset. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 34885 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix a problem with not saving the GSSHA Overbank Flow and the Overland Backwater options in the GSSHA channel routing options dialog. We were not saving these values out correctly when the u...
  • Merged revision(s) 34880 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue #0007877: Problem computing storage capacity curve. If a user sets the base elevation to be below the bottom-most elevation in the basin, the hydraulic toolbox would always be in...
  • Merged revision(s) 34342 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Get the CORINE Land Cover Europe dataset working (they added "2000" onto the end of the name...this caused it not to work). ........
  • Renamed all the model build files to get rid of the "_" that was causing errors with the automated builds.
  • Updated version numbers for WMS, HY8, and Hydraulic Toolbox (associated with WMS 10.0)

Intermediate Release 10.0.8 – Jan 28 2015

  • Merged several revisions...some changes from revision 32779 and previous related revisions to convert the GSSHA model pointers to shared pointers. * Also added the Tikhonov option for the GSSHA model that was added to the dev version. * A...
  • 0007561: Renaming a Project Explorer item fails if mouse moved
  • Update HY12, Hydraulic Toolbox, and HY8 version numbers so these are updated when you install WMS.

Intermediate Release 10.0.7 – Nov 13 2014

  • Merged revision(s) 33893 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Commented out the ASTER web service from our program-defined options since it's no longer reliable (when we upgrade to Global Mapper 16 we will add the ASTER GDEM v2 web service in place of t...
  • Merged revision(s) 33870 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed crash associated with issue 0007666: Save/Export HMS model files crashes WMS See bug report for more information. ........
  • 0007574: Saving static image does not replace existing file.
  • 0007574: Saving static image does not replace existing file.
  • Merged revision(s) 33360 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problems with WMS corrupting files after changes to the map, TIN, or scatter data because of the changes to the project-on-the-fly code. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 33268 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/Hydrology/GSSHA/casc2d.cpp: Fixed issue 0007564: Arc Info Grid Is Different Than Original Grid See bug report for more information. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 33248 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Work on issue 0007634: CE-QUAL-W2 Problems: See bug report for more information. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 33189-33190 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007594: Link/Node data results displayed at -999.99 for nodes within GSSHA reservoirs. See bug report for more information. ........ Fixed issue 0007594: Link/Node data re...
  • Merged revision(s) 33054 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed some problems with showing HGL/EGL Plots in the HY12 interface. Some nodes were not shown as part of the plot if they had gutter inlets but no access holes. Also, if you selected mult...
  • Merged revision(s) 33039 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed a problem with contours not showing up, caused by SVN check-in 33002 ........
  • Merged revision(s) 33008 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007589: WMS crashes when mapping land use shapefile to coverage in Hydrologic Modeling Wizard See bug report for more information. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 33002 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007324: WMS crashes when selecting a DEM in the Project Explorer Cleaned up some functions that had potential issues. ........

Intermediate Release 10.0.6 – Aug 6, 2014

  • Merged revision(s) 32988 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix issue 0007432: GSSHA index map not recognized by mapping tables if deleted and recreated Also fixed other related issues and crashes related to deleting index maps and other GSSHA model d...
  • Merged revision(s) 32947 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed contour label issues and Bug 0007456: Placing One or More Contour Labels Inside of a Triangle Causes WMS to Crash
  • Merged revision(s) 32912 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed bug 0007478: WMS 10.0 crashes when deleting rainfall depth in GSSHA precipitation dialog This was a simple fix, just needed to check on the return value of GetItemData to make sure it w...
  • Merged revision(s) 32906 from devproj/trunk/Dev: * Fix problems with mapping multiple shapefile attributes to a single coverage. You can map multiple shapefiles to a single coverage in WMS, but apparently not in SMS or GMS. Why not in SMS...
  • Merged revision(s) 32869 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Update version of GSSHA we use with WMS 10.0 ........
  • Merged revision(s) 32863 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007469: Problem with TR-55 tabular hydrograph method ........
  • Merged revision(s) 32510 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed a problem with the GSSHA model checker finding incorrect errors. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 32125 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix problems with exporting rain gage information to HMS 4.0. The rain gages need to be ALL CAPS in the HMS meteorology file so they are in the same (upper) case as the gages in the HMS gage...
  • Merged revision(s) 32016 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Removed unused dialogs and fixed some dialogs with radio buttons so the radio buttons work correctly. ........
  • Ignore files
  • Update All FHWA Projects to Use Boost 1.55
  • Merged revision(s) 31669 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix Filename Issues in HY12: change how file names are managed in the HY12 interface-- -clean up how all the filenames are handled with HY12 to make sure everything is saved to the project di...
  • Update Hydraulic Toolbox 4.2 Version number for update
  • Merged revision(s) 31577 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix "ripraap" spelling errors to "riprap" ........
  • Merged revision(s) 31571-31573 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Add 32-bit gssha.exe to WMS bin directory. ........ Add 64-bit gssha.exe to WMS bin directory. ........ Add 32 and 64-bit gssha.exe to WMS bin directories. ........
  • Updated the HydraulicToolbox/Desktop Reference Guide.pdf based on the latest version from Bart
  • Merged revision(s) 31486 from devproj/trunk/Dev: HY12 Redesign: Interface Bug Fixes: Remove Extra Lines in the HY12 Properties Dialog ........
  • Merged revision(s) 31448 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0007264: WMS crashes when editing GSSHA embankment arc: See bug report for more information. ........

Intermediate Release 10.0.5 – July 17, 2014

  • Update HY8 7.31 Version Number for WMS 10.0 release update.

Intermediate Release 10.0.4 – June 12 2014

  • Update HY8 version number so the HY8 build gets updated with the WMS 10.0 beta release.
  • Update HY8 so it no longer has AOP analysis included in the interface (the code is still there, we just took out AOP).
  • Merged revision(s) 31141 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Implement Inset model and related boundary conditions. ........
  • Merged revision(s) 30939-30940 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Changed the SWMM Sanitary Code so it is a separate module from the normal SWMM module. ........ Reverted revision(s) 30939 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/wmspass.cpp: Changed the...
  • Merged revision(s) 30820 from WMS/WMS_10.0/trunk: Rename the Hydraulic Toolbox for testing ........
  • Rename the Hydraulic Toolbox for testing
  • Updated HY12, HY8, and Hydraulic Toolbox solution filenames.
  • Updated the WMS 10.0 Release solution name and version numbers and changed the name of the release executables.
  • Branch WMS 10.0 from Dev
  • Try to fix errors
  • Identify specific header files that are including too much - Most WMS files using shared/mfc/mfcstuff.h.
  • Update HY8 version number to update build that's installed with installation.
  • Fix problems with HY8 bringing up the wrong dialogs from WMS. The indices associated with the command line arguments were wrong so I updated them.
  • 0007083: Warning Notification for Licenses Expiring Soon - fix null crash when no license exists.
  • Fix problem from GUI tests that caused HMS to not run when writing gridded rainfall data.
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Unit Test Fix
  • Fixed a spelling error in the GSSHA dialogs.
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Made more fixes to AOP, based on results of going through an example
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Bug fixes
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Bug fixes
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Ripped out the Rock/Sediment gradations and put in a generic one. Also updated the culvert 'thalwegs' to include embedment depth and listed the steps. added file I/O and reports for the gradations. Also an embedment check.
  • AHGW SourceGrid license, and Boost license.
  • Added an attempted fix for a shared code SNAFU that messed up units when reading in previously-saved projection information from the WMS project file.
  • Fixed the MODRAT interface so WMS writes the correct output filenames and so MODRAT writes/WMS reads the output files correctly. See bug report 0007166 and SVN check-in 30366 for related changes
  • Fixed GUI test problem with WMS not writing out the HMS version number, which apparently is required when running HMS 4.0 or later.
  • Upgrade to Boost 1.55 and signals2
  • kmz.h missing xmscore::Pt3d prefix.
  • Add DLL's to WMS 64-bit version and update DLL and EXE file descriptions in .bat file
  • Fixed a bug with WMS crashing when shutting down after pulling the tree window off the mainframe, resizing, and then re-attaching the window.
  • Fixed issue 0007129: Problems Scrolling Side to Side in project Explorer (See bug report for more information)
  • Attempt to fix issue 0007175: Problem running NSS models in WMS Dev
  • Missing forward declaration for display atts (EDispAttLine). Can cause compile errors elsewhere without this.
  • Added an error message when delineating basins and no outlets exist.
  • Fixed issue 0007162: Delineate Basins Wizard should delineate the watershed - not launch the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard (See bug report for more information)
  • Fixed bug 0007166: Error running simulation when changing MODRAT executable file (See bug report for more information)
  • Moved SetState to protected and switched all calls to it to SetStatePropogate like in SMS.
  • 0003072: Setup mesa for 64-bit - Get Mesa from its own 32 or 64-bit folder.
  • Fixed issue 0007168: GSSHA Rainfall Time Inconsistency (See bug report for more information)
  • Fixed issue 0007176: Problem saving GSSHA Storm Drain coverage (See bug report for more information)
  • 0007083: Warning Notification for Licenses Expiring Soon - Show days remaining after 5 if both licenses will expire.
  • WMS::HY8 Allow the user to select the errors.
  • 0007083: Warning Notification for Licenses Expiring Soon
  • Fixes for project explorer state not matching displayed state when projects are loaded in GMS & WMS.
  • WMS::HY8 change version to force a build
  • Adjustments to fix bugs discovered in AOP
  • Add GSSHA options for outputting point overland depth and water surface elevation information.
  • Common GIS module - Make sure all 3 programs read files as defined in the design doc - Hide new GIS. General GM file type. World file and zip file readers/complainers. Fix CanGlobalMapperOpenFile. Move GIS to shared.
  • Added static and rating curve lake options to detention basins defined at feature nodes and polygon lakes. * Added a rating curve spreadsheet dialog so users can input and edit rating curves for detention basins/lakes. * Added map and GSS...
  • Common GIS module - Make sure all 3 programs read files as defined in the design doc - GMS, SMS, and WMS. Shared GM reader. Only jpg so far.
  • Force a rebuild on HY8
  • WMS::HY8 Add some commandline arguments to allow HY-8 to disable crossing input
  • WMS::HY8 Add some commandline arguments to allow HY-8 to disable crossing input
  • Remove test code for calls to ComputeClippedPoints function.
  • Committed changes to demio.cpp for debugging release 32 version.
  • Separated out two dialog files from flineatt.cpp (I need to modify them and the code's all messed up) and modified seGetSelectedFeaturePoints to use a vector instead of malloc'ing memory. Cleaned up some code. Fixed a problem with feature...
  • Added more GIS mapping for the dynamic model interface.
  • BUGFIX: Fix to state functionality in shapefile ETreeItems for WMS
  • Fixed problem with GSSHA crashing when exporting stochastic data files.
  • Fix for WMS ETreeItem state based on messages from Chris and comparison with WMS 9.1
  • Moving tree_enum and troot_enum into xms namespace for SMS and WMS.
  • Allow HY-8 to run with an exceptionally tall roadway in commandline. Still need to allow it to be entered, get past the data checks, and modify the interface for it.
  • Added arc-specific OVERBANK and BACKWATER channel card options to GSSHA file I/O and user interface. Check to see if these options are set on any of the arcs when entering the project channel data dialog and when exporting the GSSHA projec...
  • Fixing WMS Checkboxes I think.
  • Clean up lots of code (move classes out of globals.h) * Fix a problem with the stream smoothing dialog that does not display a plot if one of the groundwater datasets is not defined.
  • Fix for BUG# 0007125
  • Update for fix to bug 0006856: WMS hangs when reading project
  • Unification of tree icons across products.
  • Update the EPA SWMM executable file directory to the default installation folder for the new version.
  • Added code to read/write the Depth Varying Overland Flow Roughness mapping tables (GSSHA), ROUGH_EXP to/from the GSSHA .cmt file.
  • Common GIS module - Make sure all 3 programs read files as defined in the design doc - GMS has optional new GIS, image reader for FILE_JPG to FILE_KMZ_VECTOR, default GM reader, merge GMS into shared file types, adapt unit tests to merged t...
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Updates for bugs that were noticed in a sprint meeting; Also update of the version number to force a build.
  • Fixed root display oder for WMS.
  • Cleaned up some more GSSHA code.
  • Moved ETreeItem state functionality to be all new state functionality from SMS. All statements within #ifndef statements for the new state functionality should either be commented out, deleted, or migrated to the new state functionality. C...
  • Fix Errors in WMS build
  • Cleaned up code in casc2d.h (removed headers and moved stuff to .cpp files) and made GSSHA parent/child model dialog resizable.
  • WMS::HY8::AOP Fix an bigger issue with Units, also update the version number and force a new build
  • WMS::HydraulicToolbox Update version number to force a new build/install
  • Update NSS version number and database.
  • Common GIS module - Make sure all 3 programs read files as defined in the design doc - Change WMS to not use new GIS, but use new common enumeration.
  • Added GSSHA model check to determine if cells containing rating curve BC's have adjacent cells marked as receiving cells.
  • Fixed a problem with too many options showing up in the Compute Topaz step of the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard. Needed to reset the combo box before it's set up.
  • WMS::HY8::SRH Add new commandline arguments for HY8, to run within SMS. Allow SMS to call for a crossing just knowing the GUID, not the index, if it doesn't exist, create one.

WMS 9.1 Release Notes

Intermediate Release 9.1.12 – May 6, 2014

  1. Fixed the WMS 2D grid cell traversal algorithms to handle line segments that begin and end outside the bounds of the 2D grid or the active cells on the 2D grid.
  2. Fixed the HY8 Crossing Discharge Data dialog to get the hydrograph whether it's defined at the outlet or at the basin associated with the outlet.
  3. Fixed WMS so circular stream arcs do not cause WMS to crash when selecting File | New or when shutting down.
  4. Fixed a problem where Mapping Shapefile causes crash
  5. Fixed a Crash when reading in a map file
  6. Fixed a bug with reading tailwater curve ratings of a different length
  7. Fixed some reading issues
  8. Fixed an issue to Update Culvert Info if reading an older file

Intermediate Release 9.1.10 – November 22, 2013

WMS 9.1.10 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. The following revisions have been made to this version:

  • 26787; Author: cdickson; Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:09:05 AM; Message: Web form option for getting license from the license manager - WMS9.1
  • 26719; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, November 18, 2013 2:47:37 PM; Message: Removed failing test assert that isn't necessary. Only needs to test vertical units. (See SVN revision 24750)
  • 26713; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, November 18, 2013 12:06:36 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26712 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Changed WMS so it reads and saves whether each coverage is visible.
  • 26557; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, November 11, 2013 9:43:46 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26550 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/display/mapdraw.cpp: Fixed problems with framing image and getting max/min world coordinates when a rain gage coverage exists. Also cleaned up some of the setmap code to specify const parameters a little better.
  • 26542; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, November 08, 2013 11:27:03 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26541 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed some issues with the TR-55 computation dialog caused by my check-in yesterday--the incorrect cells were getting set to read-only. Also the Fp value was not showing up in the dialog. Cleaned up some code.
  • 26535; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, November 07, 2013 5:46:46 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26534 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Try to fix a problem with the TR55 window crashing in the dev release version when it first comes up.
  • Revision: 26508; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, November 06, 2013 5:34:24 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26505 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed text attribute strings in compute GIS attributes dialog.
  • Revision: 26363; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 6:10:51 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26361 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problems importing HEC-RAS geometry files-did not read Manning's roughness correctly from these files. Also cleaned up lots of the shared/rivmod code.
  • 26237; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, October 25, 2013 2:37:18 PM; Message: Update WMS Release Version number
  • Revision: 26226; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, October 25, 2013 10:27:42 AM; Message: Fixed issue 0006656: Helpstrings for "Compute Time Area Curve" button and "Compute Parameters – Basin Data" button are switched
  • 26216; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013 5:57:48 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26137 from devproj/trunk/Dev: WMS::HY-8 Fix for help PDF Help (replaces temporary check)
  • Revision: 26215; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, October 24, 2013 5:55:15 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26205 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problems with plot menus not coming up in HY12 plot dialogs and in detention basin storage capacity curve dialog.
  • 26019; Author: csmemoe; Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 1:48:30 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 26017 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0002019: Problem reading HEC-RAS solution for WMS Dev and HEC-RAS 4.1, fixed a problem running HEC-RAS from WMS, changed the stochastic modeling code so it does not require user interaction, and fixed stochastic modeling code so HEC-1 runs do not depend on the length of the path name to the HEC-1 input file. Also fixed a crash when running floodplain delineation after a stochastic run and a crash when exiting WMS.
  • 25976; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, October 11, 2013 1:47:00 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25975 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fix problem with joining SSURGO data when you have "spatial" somewhere in the path of the shapefile other than under the base directory containing the shapefile data.
  • 25968; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, October 11, 2013 9:57:08 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25946, 25967 from devproj/trunk/external_libs:
    1. Add user_online_sources.xml file to specify online sources that are not available in Global Mapper by default (Added FEMA flood map web services).
    2. Added FEMA flood maps to list of possible web services.
    3. Merged revision(s) 25965 from devproj/trunk/Dev:
    4. Added FEMA flood maps to list of possible web services.
  • 25940; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, October 10, 2013 9:55:26 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25935 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Added support for Web Feature Services (WFS) to global mapper web services. Handle reading vector data from OGC WFS services.
  • 25911; Author: csmemoe; Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 4:04:38 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25909 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed crashes when exporting riprap profiles to a report.
  • 25892; Author: csmemoe; Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 9:50:54 AM; Merged revision(s) 25876 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/display/displayopt.cpp: Added option to display cross section ID's and display options.
  • 25803; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 9:25:47 PM; Message: Fixed an error caused by a merge
  • 25798; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2013 5:45:55 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25797 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/Hydrology/GSSHA/casc2d.cpp: Fix a problem with reading solution files when not running a calibration and maintain code that correctly reads calibration solution files.
  • 25657; Author: ejones; Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013 11:12:38 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25656 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/bin/modrat: Fixed a bug in Modrat with generating a hydraulic parameter table used for channel routing
  • 25518; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 3:32:23 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25517 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Cleaned up some code in ocmodels.cpp-determining what Tree Mapping does.
  • 25487; Author: csmemoe; Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 4:20:31 PM; Message: Fixed a problem with images that were not displayed being checked in the project explorer window.
  • 25240; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, September 06, 2013 9:25:10 AM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25239 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0006424: WMS not saving user defined DEM names
  • 25226; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, September 05, 2013 3:04:31 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25223 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/Hydrology/GSSHA/casc2d.h: Fixed issue 0006481: Error Opening Summary File in Gssha Calibration (tut 57) and cleaned up lots of code related to solutions, etc.
  • 25207; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, September 04, 2013 4:54:01 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 25206 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed issue 0006287: Difference between 32 and 64 bit version in tut63. Also added capability to print out link/node names in detailed report file for selected links nodes.
  • 25139; Author: csmemoe; Date: Tuesday, September 03, 2013 8:21:44 AM; Message: Updated the HY-8 7.30 version number.
  • 25012; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, August 26, 2013 10:48:44 AM; Message: Update WMS 9.1.x version number.
  • 25011; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, August 26, 2013 10:47:16 AM; Message: Update hydraulic toolbox 4.0.x version number.
  • 24964; Author: csmemoe; Date: Friday, August 23, 2013 1:44:47 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24951 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS/APP/source/Feature/fcoverage.cpp: Added support to automatically map the global land use and soil shapefile data to map module feature object data.
  • 24933; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 6:35:07 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24932 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problem with virtual earth map locater tool showing up in the ocean if you have the Hydrologic modeling wizard up.
  • 24925; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 4:28:55 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24924 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed WMS so it sets the main channel slope if the string "main channel slope" or other possible names are found in the NSS parameter description. ........
  • 24912; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:58:36 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24908 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Added USA Topo maps to the main online data dialogs so you don't have to click on the Advanced button.
  • 24911; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 2:56:01 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 23041 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problem with web services that did not allow downloading data from http://xmswiki.com/xms/WebServiceCatalog
  • 24886; Author: ejones; Date: Thursday, August 22, 2013 11:50:04 AM ;Message: Fixes for Modrat Cross Section WorkMerged revision(s) 24871-24883 from devproj/trunk/Dev/WMS:
    1. Rectangular cases are now matching closely!
    2. Fixes for Modrat Cross Section Work
    3. Fixes for Modrat Cross Section Work
    4. Fixes for Modrat Cross Section Work
  • 24862; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 5:21:42 PM; Message: Fixed WMS 9.1 to be able to read online images with colons and other unacceptable characters in the filename.
  • 24859; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 5:08:10 PM; Message: Handle online images with unauthorized characters in the filename (\/:*?"<>|) and handled exceptions in online images without crashing.
  • 24848; Author: csmemoe; Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 2:35:31 PM; Message: Fixed a crash when getting data from map or when using the Get Data tool if you select an option from the "Advanced" button in the Online Data dialog. Also fixed a problem with characters that cannot be used in filenames when using this button.
  • 24747; Author: csmemoe; Date: Monday, August 19, 2013 3:00:59 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24743 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Fixed problem that caused vertical units to change when selecting the Virtual Earth map locater tool. See issue 0006240: After setting the current projection vertical units to feet from meters (Tutorial 62)
  • 24683; Author: csmemoe; Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:51:31 PM; Message: Merged revision(s) 24682 from devproj/trunk/Dev: Updated QuickPDF Unlock Code to permanent license code (until we upgrade global mapper and there's a new version of QuickPDF included with GM).

Intermediate Release 9.1.7 – August 13, 2013

WMS 9.1.7 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

  • 6464-7/31/2013-8/7/2013-Hydrograph timing messed up when exporting HEC-HMS hydrographs with a SWMM input file
  • 6456-7/26/2013-8/7/2013-Problem reading NRCS data from soil files
  • 6471-8/2/2013-8/5/2013-Crash when saving TIN to grid format
  • 6463-7/31/2013-8/5/2013-wmsdss.exe crashes when reading HEC-HMS solution

Intermediate Release 9.1.6 – July 18, 2013

WMS 9.1.6 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

  • 5001-4/19/2012-6/25/2013-The HSPF dialog doesn't close after you define the parameters for Snow and Water.
  • 6219-5/9/2013-6/18/2013-"In Tutorial 10, HEC-1 is unable to open input file."
  • 6129-4/11/2013-6/18/2013-Problem running HEC1 on computers at NHI training course
  • 6165-4/24/2013-6/18/2013-HEC-1 File Name and Path limitations (from Scott Hogan @ FHWA)
  • 6068-3/21/2013-6/18/2013-HEC-1 Fails to load input files with a filepath >80 characters
  • 6314-6/6/2013-6/14/2013-Bug computing storage from DEM when vertical units are in meters
  • 6053-3/18/2013-6/13/2013-Two Time Computation Saving Permissibility
  • 6204-5/6/2013-6/13/2013-Intermediate tests failing
  • 6286-5/28/2013-6/13/2013-Default Selection in 64-bit version HEC-1 Unit Hydrograph Methods window Bug (Watershed Modeling - MaricopaNSS)
  • 6250-5/17/2013-6/12/2013-Lines extend when you select the Hydrological modeling module (Tut 15)
  • 6289-5/28/2013-6/11/2013-Crash when mapping shapefile to features
  • 6239-5/16/2013-6/11/2013-The Peak & Volume Boxes are read only when they should be editable (Automated Calibration Tutorial 58)
  • 6057-3/19/2013-5/7/2013-Hydrolic Modeling Dialog Crashes on NULL Values
  • 6130-4/11/2013-5/3/2013-Rational Method Interface tutorial has problems
  • 6201-5/3/2013-5/3/2013-WMS Crashes in Tutorial 4 Section 6.1
  • 6184-4/29/2013-5/3/2013-Problem renumbering storm/tile drains in WMS 9.1
  • 6178-4/29/2013-5/3/2013-Documentation missing step (W_20)
  • 6193-5/1/2013-5/2/2013-Problems with the units in tutorial 36
  • 6194-5/2/2013-5/2/2013-"Message box pops up that says ""Error: No links found"" after saving GSSHA project file (Tutorial 46)"
  • 6183-4/29/2013-5/1/2013-Problem assigning groundwater BC to streams in GSSHA model
  • 6182-4/29/2013-5/1/2013-"Problems reading, writing, and editing files for the Multi Layer Green and Ampt (MLGA) method in WMS 9.1"
  • 6166-4/24/2013-5/1/2013-Problem Trimming DEM
  • 6176-4/29/2013-4/30/2013-WMS crashes on changing Point Display step for DEM
  • 6117-4/9/2013-4/18/2013-Cryptic Error code message when online image servers are down
  • 6016-3/7/2013-3/13/2013-"Selecting ""Show Dates"" in User Hyetograph dialog changes time interval in dss files"
  • 6032-3/12/2013-3/12/2013-Problem reading ArcInfo and GRASS ascii flow directions and accumulations
  • 6027-3/8/2013-3/11/2013-Deleting a point takes a very long time
  • 6010-3/7/2013-3/8/2013-WMS crashes you try to view scatter dataset properties
  • 6011-3/7/2013-3/8/2013-Opening *.hdr file created in ArcGIS crashes WMS
  • 6012-3/7/2013-3/8/2013-WMS crashes when click OK on XY Series Editor when defining a hydraulic structure
  • 6000-3/6/2013-3/7/2013-"WMS reverts back to same ""All"" row when you change it in HMS properties dialog"
  • 6013-3/7/2013-3/7/2013-CE-QUAL top layer widths less than the widths of the Segments
  • 4496-12/15/2011-3/7/2013-"Unable to read a CAD file, probably Shared Code issue"
  • 4530-1/3/2012-3/7/2013-Problem getting online images when using remote desktop
  • 4531-1/3/2012-3/7/2013-Problem with registration of a static image created from an online image
  • 4538-1/4/2012-3/7/2013-The 'Setup All Precip Events' button does not work
  • 4580-1/12/2012-3/7/2013-WMS not responding
  • 4649-1/31/2012-3/7/2013-DEV - WMS freezes when converting online image to GeoTIFF
  • 4683-2/7/2012-3/7/2013-Oblique view zooming issue with GSSHA solution
  • 4690-2/8/2012-3/7/2013-Importing CMT file in WMS 8.4 does not import all data
  • 4694-2/9/2012-3/6/2013-Can't import more than 1 GeoTIFF DEM at a time
  • 4703-2/10/2012-3/6/2013-"Update ""Images"" menu in the Map Data menu items"
  • 4757-2/22/2012-3/6/2013-WMS fails to save a CAD file for hydrologic modeling tree data
  • 4761-2/23/2012-3/6/2013-Problem reading TIN datasets after computing using the data calculator
  • 4552-1/6/2012-3/6/2013-GSSHA makes computer run out of memory when running a constituent transport simulation
  • 5984-3/4/2013-3/6/2013-Problem with Getting Online Maps when only CAD data is defined
  • 5982-3/4/2013-3/5/2013-DXF and DWG files display problem: Thick lines
  • 5082-5/7/2012-3/5/2013-Channel Calculator issue
  • 5092-5/8/2012-3/5/2013-msvcr71.dll error when running wmstopaz.exe
  • 5518-9/26/2012-3/5/2013-Save project crash with GeoPDF with cropped collar
  • 5552-10/5/2012-3/5/2013-WMS is unable to write to the worldfile unless images are stored in the project directory
  • 5572-10/11/2012-3/4/2013-Check long term simulation tutorial and calibration tutorial to see if everything is working fine with WMS 9.0
  • 5601-10/18/2012-3/1/2013-Problem displaying flow paths and moving basin labels
  • 5495-9/18/2012-3/1/2013-Unable to download many of the soil and land use options in WMS
  • 5605-10/18/2012-3/1/2013-WMS is not creating frames for the .AVI animations for GSSHA solutions
  • 5713-11/28/2012-2/28/2013-"When adding new polygon, all previous colors are reset"
  • 5826-1/15/2013-2/28/2013-WMS doesn't create Routing Hotstart File when option is checked on
  • 1140-7/10/2009-2/27/2013-Join SSURGO data doesn't work when adding a custom attribute before joining
  • 5062-5/3/2012-2/27/2013-freeze when changing all arcs in a GSSHA coverage to a different type
  • 3952-8/10/2011-2/26/2013-Selected crossing/crossing name not saved
  • 4189-9/29/2011-2/25/2013-Support .las and .dtm file formats.
  • 5902-2/6/2013-2/25/2013-Problem reading solutions as 2D scattered data from HEC-RAS GIS files

Release 9.1/Intermediate Release 9.1.4 – February 22, 2013

WMS 9.1.4 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug ID Date Submitted–Date Updated—Summary

  • 5867 1/30/2013–2/22/2013—Crash when running the OC Rational method
  • 5866 1/30/2013–2/22/2013—HEC-HMS files exported from WMS freeze up after selecting sub basins
  • 4117 9/12/2011–2/21/2013—Error when loading GSSHA solution in Contaminants tutorial
  • 5945 2/19/2013–2/19/2013—The Edit... button in the Culvert and Site Data section in the HY8 Modeling Wizard is missing
  • 5944 2/19/2013–2/19/2013—WMS crashes when navigating through the HY8 modeling wizard
  • 5846 1/22/2013–2/19/2013—Print out error information when running the OC rational method
  • 5868 1/30/2013–2/19/2013—The Crest Elevation is not saved in the Crossing Data dialog
  • 5874 1/31/2013–2/19/2013—Save curve number and other report files to Temp directory instead of current directory
  • 5888 2/1/2013–2/19/2013—WMS 9.1 reports a missing resource when renumbering a MODRAT tree
  • 5941 2/18/2013–2/19/2013—Incremental Data Checkbox does not show up in Figure 4-3 of GSSHA Nexrad tutorial
  • 5856 1/24/2013–2/15/2013—Add capability to compute layer widths less than 5 meters in the CE-QUAL-W2 Layer Editor
  • 5901 2/6/2013–2/14/2013—Add the .sdf extension to the list of filters that can be read when importing an HEC-RAS GIS file
  • 5918 2/7/2013–2/13/2013—WMS crashes when trying to acces HY-8
  • 5930 2/13/2013–2/13/2013—Issue with Drainage Coverage Tree | Find tool
  • 5903 2/6/2013–2/13/2013—Problem reading floodplain boundary into WMS
  • 5904 2/6/2013–2/12/2013—Problem extracting cross sections if you have a cross section point that coincides with a TIN vertex
  • 5923 2/11/2013–2/11/2013—Problem with extra pipes associated with a superlink arc when building a GSSHA storm/tile drain model
  • 5905 2/6/2013–2/8/2013—Check adding storm/tile drain pipes without connecting them directly to a channel at the downstream end
  • 5897 2/5/2013–2/8/2013—WMS crashes when assigning reach routing for OC Rational model
  • 4477 12/12/2011–2/7/2013—Online Map issues
  • 4437 12/6/2011–2/7/2013—Add options to download online vector data through Global Mapper
  • 4435 12/6/2011–2/7/2013—Fix problem with online image taking a long time to load after zooming or panning
  • 4410 11/30/2011–2/7/2013—Outlet issues
  • 4337 11/9/2011–2/7/2013—More than one plot is selected to be generetaded when using the channel calculator
  • 5909 2/6/2013–2/6/2013—Crash when reading LandXML file
  • 4312 11/2/2011–2/5/2013—Right clicking to access Display Options should select the correct module first
  • 4281 10/25/2011–2/5/2013—Crash in GSSHA Land use change #2 tutorial
  • 4246 10/17/2011–2/5/2013—Problems in the HY8 modeling wizard that should be addressed (from Jim)
  • 4207 10/6/2011–2/4/2013—Bug with approximate total number of points in Import DEM dialog
  • 4202 10/5/2011–2/4/2013—Tin Triangles not Displaying when option to display triangles is checked
  • 4200 10/5/2011–2/4/2013—Crop Collar not working
  • 4181 9/29/2011–2/4/2013—Recompute All Stations should also delete the river hydraulic schematic
  • 4138 9/15/2011–2/1/2013—WMS using Outlet IDs instead of Outlet Names in SWMM dialog
  • 5749 12/7/2012–2/1/2013—0005734: Share the app name and registry path stuff
  • 5745 12/6/2012–2/1/2013—Problem computing water surface elevations using the channel calculator
  • 4077 9/2/2011–1/31/2013—Cell elevation text does not match setting
  • 4021 8/22/2011–1/31/2013—Contour values do not exactly match DEM values
  • 4011 8/19/2011–1/31/2013—Problems with node boundary contitions in GSSHA
  • 3984 8/15/2011–1/31/2013—DEM Display Issues
  • 3972 8/12/2011–1/31/2013—Memory issue continues after project is closed
  • 3969 8/12/2011–1/31/2013—GSSHA Menu not displayed
  • 3968 8/12/2011–1/31/2013—Not all DEM points display
  • 3967 8/12/2011–1/31/2013—Contours displaying wrong
  • 3962 8/11/2011–1/31/2013—Pipe Flow scatter data not working properly
  • 3931 8/9/2011–1/31/2013—DXF/DWG files not exporting
  • 3890 8/2/2011–1/31/2013—Linked outlets and nodes not saved in WMS
  • 3888 8/2/2011–1/31/2013—WMS Duplicates SWMM hydraulic schematic
  • 3887 8/2/2011–1/31/2013—Cannot delete Hydraulic Schematic data
  • 3869 7/28/2011–1/31/2013—Adding an embankment to a DEM does not seem to impact flow directions
  • 3833 7/20/2011–1/31/2013—Cannot enter reach and reservoir routing at same node in HEC-HMS
  • 3822 7/19/2011–1/31/2013—Problem displaying stream height cylinders in oblique view (WMS)
  • 3817 7/15/2011–1/31/2013—Redistributed stream display problem
  • 3816 7/15/2011–1/31/2013—Big letters displayed on button instead of symbol
  • 3815 7/15/2011–1/31/2013—Link numbers do not stay aligned with links
  • 3814 7/15/2011–1/31/2013—Vertices appear as nodes
  • 3806 7/14/2011–1/31/2013—2D scatter set will not duplicate
  • 3801 7/13/2011–1/30/2013—HY12 Tutorial Issues
  • 3673 6/15/2011–1/30/2013—WMS writing wrong rainfall card for EPA SWMM tutorial
  • 3605 6/1/2011–1/30/2013—gssha crashes before it finishes running when using the green and ampt infiltration option
  • 3600 6/1/2011–1/30/2013—Shared tests failing in WMS but passing in SMS.
  • 5834 1/17/2013–1/30/2013—Flows not being computed for MODRAT model
  • 3538 5/18/2011–1/29/2013—Limiting Number of Cross sections in Simplified Dam Break Model
  • 3493 5/9/2011–1/29/2013—Cannot register MPICH2 without a password
  • 3228 3/10/2011–1/29/2013—Compile error when running the shared build
  • 3100 2/10/2011–1/29/2013—contours not updating when making large change in specified interval
  • 2905 12/22/2010–1/29/2013—Multiple Tc arcs generated
  • 2615 9/29/2010–1/29/2013—MODRAT burned simulation not incrementing soil number
  • 5782 12/26/2012–1/29/2013—Add Custom1 copy protection option to WMS 9.1 and Dev
  • 2594 9/21/2010–1/25/2013—Digital dams, 2D grid flow vectors, and elevations not updating when you adjust 2D grid elevations
  • 2578 9/14/2010–1/25/2013—WMS crashes when converting DEM to TIN after editing TOPAZ generated streams
  • 2577 9/14/2010–1/25/2013—WMS crashes when reversing directions of a stream network
  • 2566 9/9/2010–1/25/2013—The Cross Section Attributes dialog gives bogus help strings
  • 2558 9/9/2010–1/25/2013—CAD file (.dwg) saved out from TIN tutorial does not open in AutoCAD 2008
  • 2555 9/9/2010–1/25/2013—Feature Request for georeferenced PDFs
  • 2553 9/8/2010–1/25/2013—WMS crashes when inserting breaklines
  • 2547 9/7/2010–1/25/2013—WMS displays an image in previous view, even when previous view is oblique
  • 2426 7/21/2010–1/25/2013—Printing in WMS 8.3 not as clear as 8.0
  • 2259 5/26/2010–1/25/2013—Error Selecting Polygons
  • 2254 5/26/2010–1/25/2013—wms 8.3 BUG - opening jpeg when language is korean
  • 2243 5/24/2010–1/25/2013—convert dem to filtered TIN crash
  • 2131 4/23/2010–1/25/2013—Error building pyramids
  • 2238 5/20/2010–1/25/2013—Problem swapping edges or inserting breaklines on TINs
  • 2232 5/19/2010–1/25/2013—In MODRAT when you input a hydrograph it only uses the first 1500 minutes of the hydrograph.
  • 2180 5/4/2010–1/25/2013—DEM contours to feature objects crash in WMS 8.3
  • 2219 5/13/2010–1/24/2013—Crash when closing WMS after reading stochastic GSSHA solution
  • 2124 4/22/2010–1/24/2013—Issue reading an image file
  • 2081 4/14/2010–1/24/2013—WMS often exports duplicate points in HEC-RAS cross-sections when using bank arcs
  • 2053 4/7/2010–1/24/2013—After running the SMPDBK model some of the output data is inconsistent.
  • 2049 4/6/2010–1/24/2013—Hydrologic Modeling Tree display
  • 2018 3/29/2010–1/24/2013—Terraserver (MSRMaps) issue
  • 2017 3/29/2010–1/24/2013—Cropping collar problem with TIFFs in WMS 8.3
  • 2016 3/29/2010–1/24/2013—Problems reading JPEG and TIFF Images in WMS 8.3
  • 2015 3/29/2010–1/24/2013—area calculation of basins
  • 1987 3/15/2010–1/24/2013—Closed bracket in WMS title bar moves one space while panning in WMS
  • 1985 3/12/2010–1/24/2013—HMS Interface does not include kinematic wave reach routing for rectanglular or triangular channels
  • 1943 3/3/2010–1/24/2013—SWMM link and node information not saved
  • 1859 2/3/2010–1/24/2013—WMS 8.2 not able to save the 3 DEMs
  • 1823 1/25/2010–1/24/2013—Unable to rename Cross section reach name
  • 1779 1/15/2010–1/24/2013—Crop – Uncrop Collar not working on jpeg
  • 1751 1/5/2010–1/24/2013—Delineate Basins Wizard shifts the TOPAZ stream network
  • 1743 1/4/2010–1/24/2013—NSS not showing correct regions for Utah
  • 1742 1/4/2010–1/24/2013—HEC-1 will not run while an image is loaded
  • 1673 12/3/2009–1/24/2013—The SetItemData function changed from taking a DWORD to DWORD_PTR. 64-bit issue
  • 1249 7/31/2009–1/23/2013—Importing multiple USGS DTED DEMs of varying resolutions creates problems
  • 1239 7/30/2009–1/23/2013—NSS reports 0% error for all simulations
  • 1238 7/30/2009–1/23/2013—Change tutorial files installation path to \My Documents instead of \Program Files
  • 1232 7/29/2009–1/23/2013—GSSHA wiki, Tutorial 3 Fixing Digital Dams, Display Options Crash
  • 1214 7/23/2009–1/23/2013—The shapefile "basins.shp" does not display properly in the Chapter 2, Maricopa County tutorial.
  • 1171 7/15/2009–1/23/2013—Problem writing a KMZ animation file from WMS 8.2
  • 1151 7/13/2009–1/23/2013—The run1.wpr file located on 'files' is more complete than the Volume 3, Chapter 4, Stochasic Modeling tutorials calls for.
  • 1142 7/10/2009–1/23/2013—Need better way of assigning HYDGRP parameters when joining SSURGO data
  • 1089 6/29/2009–1/23/2013—Process combined index map using land use and soil maps instead of coverages
  • 1029 6/11/2009–1/23/2013—Deleting arcs takes a long time (because of UpdateVertToArcMap in feConvertVertexToNode)
  • 982 5/29/2009–1/23/2013—NFF Error in 8.0 and previous – Charles Lutter
  • 894 5/5/2009–1/22/2013—NEXRAD radar rainfall division by 0 error
  • 872 4/29/2009–1/22/2013—MODRAT does not compute any ordinates for hydrographs
  • 861 4/28/2009–1/22/2013—Problem displaying image in GIS module with ArcObjects enabled
  • 859 4/28/2009–1/22/2013—WMS not responding when extracting cross-sections from this TIN
  • 651 3/4/2009–1/22/2013—Crash when converting from drainage to a 1-D hydr. centerline coverage
  • 632 2/27/2009–1/22/2013—WMS Printing Text Bug
  • 618 2/26/2009–1/22/2013—SWMM hydrauilc schematic data is not saved to or read from the wms or wpr project file
  • 551 2/6/2009–1/22/2013—Using the default GSSHA *.cmt file to generate initial parameters
  • 550 2/6/2009–1/22/2013—Verify GSSHA smooth streams to thalweg data is working correctly
  • 539 2/6/2009–1/22/2013—WMS creates duplicate feature arcs when converting this CAD file to Feature Arcs
  • 427 1/13/2009–1/22/2013—Change all *.wpr files in the WMS 8.2 tutorials to *.wms files
  • 275 12/3/2008–1/22/2013—One too many discharge curves shown in reservoir storage capacity window for MODRAT
  • 256 11/24/2008–1/22/2013—Adding and retrieving diversions messes up tree item display when panning
  • 251 11/21/2008–1/18/2013—Interpolation error message in detention basin calculator
  • 212 11/12/2008–1/18/2013—There is a heap corruption (writing beyond the bounds of allocated memory) when running through the TINs tutorial-difficult fix
  • 198 11/10/2008–1/18/2013—CAD→TIN command not working for Bowman Dam CAD file
  • 197 11/10/2008–1/18/2013—CAD file displays in WMS 8.0 but not WMS 8.1
  • 838 4/22/2009–1/18/2013—The projection dialog needs to be larger- or at least be resizable
  • 117 10/16/2008–1/18/2013—pon Completion of the second step or the Volume 6, Chapter 3 Tutorial (NEXRAD), WMS Crashes.
  • 285 12/8/2008–1/18/2013—Optimize drawing the soil and land use legends
  • 187 11/6/2008–1/18/2013—Problem importing infiltration parameters from saved GSSHA projects
  • 172 10/31/2008–1/18/2013—Vanishing WMS Bug
  • 5796 1/4/2013–1/18/2013—allow more than 300 rows of data in HEC-HMS XY series windows
  • 5794 1/4/2013–1/18/2013—CN doesn't update in TR-55 when a project with a computed CN is added
  • 5808 1/8/2013–1/18/2013—Stream link numbers don't refresh
  • 5830 1/15/2013–1/17/2013—Letter "e" is missing in the word "Select" for Select grid column
  • 5742 12/5/2012–1/17/2013—Problem getting NED DEM data for Hawaiian Islands
  • 5813 1/10/2013–1/14/2013—Several bugs related to the OC Rational method
  • 5783 12/28/2012–1/11/2013—GIS to feature objects wizard doesn't transfer land use names
  • 5784 12/28/2012–1/10/2013—rename "Level2" option in GIS to feature objects wizard
  • 4467 12/9/2011–1/10/2013—The WDM file can't be read when trying to define external sources when using HSPF.
  • 5579 10/12/2012–1/9/2013—It takes a long time to read WMS Map files
  • 4837-3/13/2012–1/8/2013—Make sure all the tutorials (especially the first few) have the correct directories where the files are located
  • 5415 8/20/2012–1/4/2013—Changed to culvert parameters not saved
  • 5530 10/1/2012–1/3/2013—(Your horizontal and vertical units are inconsistent)-message for some tutorials
  • 5731 11/30/2012–12/27/2012—Crash when trying to run an OC Rational simulation
  • 5571 10/11/2012–12/27/2012—Possible problem reading solutions from multiple scenarios
  • 5712 11/28/2012–12/26/2012—WMS only updates the CELL ID when you select cells in a GSSHA model
  • 5554 10/8/2012–12/14/2012—WMS does not recognize MODRAT project file or MODRAT solution file
  • 5565 10/10/2012–12/14/2012—Add an option to modify the active dataset for more than one cell on your 2D grid
  • 5570 10/11/2012–12/13/2012—Problem with tutorial 55: GSSHA Overland Flow
  • 5592 10/15/2012–12/13/2012—Transition to new CheckForVersion function for version checking
  • 5604 10/18/2012–12/12/2012—Color fill contour method is not working for displaying GSSHA solutions
  • 5608 10/19/2012–12/12/2012—Issue with computing the CN for a TR55 model
  • 5610 10/19/2012–12/12/2012—Problem downloading data when using UTM coordinates with units of feet
  • 5607 10/19/2012–12/11/2012—Problem downloading data when using State Plane coordinates
  • 5700 11/19/2012–12/10/2012—The fields for Point #3 are not active in the Register Image dialog
  • 5744 12/6/2012–12/10/2012—Problem Merging TINs
  • 5750 12/7/2012–12/10/2012—The XY Series editor is causing WMS to crash
  • 5706 11/20/2012–12/6/2012—The crossings calculated by HY8 are not shown in the HY8 wizard in WMS
  • 5678 11/9/2012–12/3/2012—Problem with numbering WMS soil IDs
  • 5656 11/6/2012–12/3/2012—Use the same shared code to determine resolution when using the get data tools or when exporting/converting raster data
  • 5655 11/6/2012–11/30/2012—Create export and conversion options for all types of raster data
  • 5569 10/11/2012–11/30/2012—Fix dialog tab ordering
  • 5654 11/6/2012–11/28/2012—Use the same shared code when converting or exporting online or static raster data to another format
  • 5653 11/6/2012–11/21/2012—Share the Get Online Maps dialog with the Get Data tools in webservices.cpp
  • 4949 4/4/2012–11/16/2012—clicking the define button in the HSPF segments dialogue takes a very long time to open
  • 5084 5/7/2012–11/16/2012—Implement computing GSSHA index maps using land use and soil type grids (8 hours)
  • 5551 10/5/2012–11/6/2012—Can't compute flow directions and accumulations in GSSHA Tutorial
  • 5550 10/5/2012–11/6/2012—Missing Information in the Landuse ID box
  • 5563 10/9/2012–11/6/2012—WMS is crashing when using Hydraulic Toolbox to generate Storage Discharge Curves
  • 5561 10/9/2012–11/6/2012—WMS crashes when using the Importing USGS DEMs dialog
  • 5213 6/20/2012–11/6/2012—We need to move the tutorials to live with our code.
  • 5526 9/27/2012–11/6/2012—Share GMS' options to convert online data to static data (24 hours)
  • 5594 10/15/2012–11/2/2012—Show the Teigha version in the WMS Help | About command
  • 5593 10/15/2012–11/2/2012—Add Lat/Lon coordinates at the bottom of the WMS window, similar to GMS
  • 5595 10/15/2012–11/2/2012—Remove the Quick Tour from the WMS Help menu
  • 5624 10/25/2012–10/31/2012—HY-12 is not building
  • 5583 10/12/2012–10/31/2012—A separate coverage is created when converting CAD objects
  • 5577 10/11/2012–10/31/2012—The vertical units are changed when reading in a DEM with *.asc extension
  • 4795 3/5/2012–10/30/2012—HEC time of concentration not converted from min to hr
  • 585 2/13/2009–10/30/2012—Error when trying to run HSPF
  • 4937 4/2/2012–10/30/2012—"Could not open WDM file" error during HSPF tutorial
  • 5615 10/22/2012–10/25/2012—When saving a file in WMS, the *.hyd file can't be created after running the hydraulic toolbox
  • 5146 5/31/2012–10/23/2012—The time series data editor is not working
  • 5002 4/20/2012–10/23/2012—Menu command to read a GEoTIFF DEM
  • 5467 9/6/2012–10/22/2012—WMS crashes if a feature point is created where a point already exists
  • 5093 5/9/2012–10/22/2012—WMS crashes when you close the program if you're using a storm drain FHWA coverage
  • 5472 9/7/2012–10/19/2012—Problems with mapping attributes from storm drain shapefile to storm drain coverage (submitted by Nate Dye)
  • 5474 9/7/2012–10/18/2012—TOPAZ does not run on computers with the Microsoft visual studio 2005 redistributable package
  • 5496 9/18/2012–10/17/2012—WMS has a hard time downloading certain types of elevation data from Web Services
  • 5221 6/21/2012–10/17/2012—WMS shows no graphics for lexington.dwg
  • 5511 9/24/2012–10/17/2012—Need to frame after reading a *.dgn file (maybe *.dwg file also)
  • 5512 9/24/2012–10/17/2012—Crash in DEM | Point Attributes for multiple cells
  • 4390 11/23/2011–10/17/2012—QC Testing – HY-12 Tutorial errors
  • 5033 4/25/2012–10/17/2012—The channel calculator opens up when you click Create Stage Point
  • 5529 9/28/2012–10/2/2012—Convert to Static Image is not working

WMS 9.0 Release Notes

Release 9.0/Intermediate Release 9.0.8 – October 5, 2012

WMS 9.0.8 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug ID Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 5399 8/15/2012–9/28/2012—WMS should read in HEC-RAS water surface elevations from *.geo files
  • 5492 9/17/2012–9/27/2012—WMS 9.0 freezes when attempting to load a GeoTIFF with land use data
  • 5447 8/31/2012–9/26/2012—Texture Mapping Behavior
  • 5389 8/13/2012–9/26/2012—Duplicate TINs option is messed up
  • 5390 8/13/2012–9/25/2012—Problem adding points to a TIN
  • 4828 3/9/2012–9/13/2012—Texture mapping does not work
  • 5383 8/9/2012–9/13/2012—Contours lines turn themselves back on when you adjust a node of a texture mapped tin
  • 5388 8/13/2012–9/13/2012—Crash when converting a 2D scatter file to a TIN
  • 5411 8/17/2012–9/13/2012—crash when downloading from web
  • 5439 8/30/2012–9/12/2012—Problem running GSSHA when max-min/NUM_INTERP for a break point cross section > 1.0
  • 5440 8/30/2012–9/12/2012—WMS crashes when you double click on multiple basins in a row
  • 5461 9/5/2012–9/12/2012—Option to Export Image
  • 5462 9/5/2012–9/12/2012—WMS crashes when trying to change the attributes of an arc created outside a GSSHA grid
  • 5465 9/6/2012–9/11/2012—WMS progress bar stays at zero when loading some GeoTiff files
  • 5302 7/18/2012–9/10/2012—Warning message remains on screen after WMS finishes writing files for HMS
  • 5199 6/13/2012–9/5/2012—WMS crashes after closing the Channel Calculations dialog
  • 5201 6/14/2012–8/30/2012—WMS crashes after closing the GSSHA Contaminants dialog
  • 5212 6/20/2012–8/30/2012—crash when defining a detention basin
  • 5224 6/25/2012–8/30/2012—NSS crashes when the user enter a basin area of zero and presses the compute results button
  • 5424 8/24/2012–8/29/2012—There is an error message when trying to export a GIS file WMS 9.0x64
  • 5251 7/2/2012–8/27/2012—Handle data outside of selected bounds for the Get Data command (6 Hours)
  • 5253 7/2/2012–8/23/2012—Check Defining Cross Section D and Z values (6 Hours)
  • 5265 7/6/2012–8/21/2012—Problem with assigning mapping table values from a GSSHA mapping table file (again)
  • 5272 7/11/2012–8/20/2012—drainage basin display options button does not resize with display options window
  • 5304 7/20/2012–8/20/2012—crash when selecting a basin, exiting, and then selecting the basin again
  • 5308 7/20/2012–8/20/2012—WMS crashes when trying to select a basin
  • 5309 7/20/2012–8/17/2012—WMS freezes when attempting to load a project file
  • 5311 7/20/2012–8/16/2012—extracted cross sections are different when using TIN and DEM
  • 5340 7/27/2012–8/16/2012—WMS freezes when reading in a GSSHA solution
  • 5325 7/24/2012–8/16/2012—input hydrograph file not written correctly in MODRAT project
  • 5338 7/26/2012–8/15/2012—WMS crashes/freezes when trying to convert from shapefile to feature objects
  • 5324 7/23/2012–8/14/2012—WMS crashes after closing the HGL and EGL profiles window
  • 5195 6/13/2012–7/24/2012—Need a way to import storm drain attributes from a shapefile to WMS storm drain module
  • 5143 5/31/2012–6/22/2012—contour legend not included in print out
  • 5113 5/16/2012–6/22/2012—WMS partially freezes when saving a file in the Hydrologic Modeling Module
  • 5114 5/16/2012–6/22/2012—Image files for bug report 5113.
  • 5104 5/11/2012–6/21/2012—Crash when viewing land use attribute legend
  • 5021 4/23/2012–6/21/2012—The Define... button in the Detention Basin Hydrograph Routing dialog doesn't work
  • 5145 5/31/2012–6/20/2012—Problem with units when defining HEC-1 reservoir data
  • 5141 5/30/2012–6/18/2012—WMS crashes when you close the Channel Analysis dialog
  • 5103 5/11/2012–6/18/2012—Extra quotes added at the end of a weir (and possibly other structures) when launching the detention basin calculator from WMS
  • 4816 3/7/2012–6/18/2012—WMS Crash converting DEM to 2d grid
  • 5131 5/22/2012–6/12/2012—WMS cannot export Thiessen Polygons to shape file if the raingage type is set to HEC
  • 4829 3/9/2012–6/11/2012—Convert all triangle functions (such as gmComputeCircumcircle) to use shared triangle functions instead of WMS functions
  • 4846 3/14/2012–6/7/2012—Problem with canceling getting data using web services
  • 4850 3/14/2012–6/6/2012—Problem getting DEM data for really large areas
  • 4971 4/12/2012–6/6/2012—WMS partially freezes when when trying to define storage capacity data
  • 4847 3/14/2012–6/6/2012—-Bogus % Complete number in progress bar
  • 4843 3/13/2012–6/4/2012—Crash in Basic Feature Objects tutorial-setting soil attributes
  • 4963 4/6/2012–5/30/2012—HY-8 Wizard storage-capacity issue
  • 5024 4/24/2012–5/18/2012—Select/Zoom Hydrologic Tree Elements
  • 4946 4/4/2012–5/16/2012—Check the segment renumbering for CE-QUAL-W2
  • 4990 4/18/2012–5/16/2012—Create Feature Point option in Single Point Reprojection dialog doesn't work
  • 4994 4/18/2012–5/15/2012—Cannot save HEC-RAS model without a cross-section database without getting errors
  • 4997 4/18/2012–5/15/2012—Crash when saving NSS project
  • 5041 4/26/2012–5/11/2012—The Clean Up Model button in the GSSHA wizard is not working
  • 5046 4/27/2012–5/11/2012—An additional (0,0) point is created when creating cross sections
  • 5028 4/24/2012–5/8/2012—Option to change to metric units
  • 5054 5/1/2012–5/8/2012—WMS crashes when you close the Constituent Mass window
  • 5026 4/24/2012–5/7/2012—DEM doesn't overlap
  • 5015 4/23/2012–5/7/2012—DEM and georeferenced image don't overlap
  • 4855 3/15/2012–5/7/2012—WMS crashes when color filling soils polygons
  • 5039 4/26/2012–5/3/2012—WMS crashes when you try to compute basin data (2)
  • 5014 4/23/2012–5/3/2012—WMS crashes when you try to compute basin data
  • 5020 4/23/2012–5/3/2012—WMS crashes when trying to change the projection for the DEM
  • 5036 4/25/2012–5/3/2012—WMS crashes when you try to reproject a DEM
  • 4845 3/14/2012–5/2/2012—Fix link in DEM Delineation tutorial: Section 4.4
  • 4849 3/14/2012–5/1/2012—Specify toggle box has changed to "Set" toggle box in the Reprojection dialog
  • 4883 3/21/2012–4/24/2012—HY8UnitsConversion.cpp and possibly other files are in 2 places
  • 4872 3/19/2012–4/19/2012—The coverage type and attributes are changed when opening .map files
  • 4995 4/18/2012–4/18/2012—WMS is not automatically updating the Energy Slope for routing.
  • 4858 3/15/2012–4/18/2012—WMS can't find cross-section database
  • 4868 3/19/2012–4/18/2012—WMS crashes/freezes when trying to open a *.map file
  • 4579 1/12/2012–4/17/2012—Add global mapper as an option for elevation file I/O
  • 4884 3/21/2012–4/12/2012—Concentration Points are not shown in the Orange County Rational Method – Tree Mapping dialog
  • 4916 3/29/2012–4/12/2012—Add option to prevent values from being overirdden when computing basin data
  • 4936 4/2/2012–4/9/2012—crash when trying to convert TIN to DEM
  • 4926 3/30/2012–4/9/2012—WMS crashes when trying to assign precipitation info
  • 4873 3/19/2012–4/6/2012—There is a problem loading HEC-RAS data
  • 4760 2/23/2012–4/5/2012—crash when using the "GIS Data → Dataset" button for a GSSHA model
  • 4938 4/2/2012–4/4/2012—WMS crashes if you try to close the 'Select Orange County GIS losses output file' dialog
  • 4814 3/7/2012–4/4/2012—Index maps can't be created when using Data Calculator
  • 4314 11/2/2011–3/29/2012—Add option to reverse the zoom direction of the mouse wheel
  • 4697 2/9/2012–3/23/2012—Crash when loading in multiple DEMs
  • 4786 3/1/2012–3/23/2012—Advanced DEM delineation tutorial issue
  • 4712 2/13/2012–3/23/2012—Hydraulic Toolbox and WMS link is broken
  • 4674 2/6/2012–2/29/2012—Problems with TIN breaklines
  • 4469 12/9/2011–2/29/2012—Converting TIN to DEM results in bad data points
  • 4677 2/6/2012–2/28/2012—freeze when trying to import GSSHA precipitation gage file
  • 4661 2/1/2012–2/28/2012—OC Hydrograph GIS tutorial has the wrong title
  • 4536 1/4/2012–2/28/2012—WMS in not properly creating the radarrain and radargrid *.dss files for HEC-HMS
  • 4561 1/9/2012–2/27/2012—WMS is not properly creating the .dss file for HEC-HMS
  • 4570 1/10/2012–2/27/2012—WMS crashes when trying to change display options for index maps
  • 4645 1/30/2012–2/24/2012—Improper Unit
  • 4664 2/2/2012–2/24/2012—WMS crashes while clicking "Next Hydrograph Station" button
  • 4667 2/2/2012–2/24/2012—WMS writing wrong Overland BC code
  • 4678 2/7/2012–2/22/2012—Slow printing when using an online image
  • 4474 12/9/2011–2/22/2012—WMS in not properly creating the *.dss file for HEC-HMS
  • 4318 11/2/2011–2/21/2012—HEC-HMS tutorial needs to be fixed
  • 4412 11/30/2011–2/17/2012—WMS crashes when trying to change the display options for TINs
  • 3578 5/26/2011–2/17/2012—HMS Properties Spreadsheet loses scroll location after entering Basin Data Tc dialog
  • 4723 2/15/2012–2/15/2012—Saving as a google earth file does not work correctly.
  • 4082 9/2/2011–2/13/2012—A single DEM appears twice in the project explorer.
  • 3651 6/10/2011–2/13/2012—SCE file not found in GSSHA automatic calibration
  • 4078 9/2/2011–2/13/2012—HSPF dialog takes a long time to appear
  • 4376 11/17/2011–2/10/2012—Crash when importing EPA SWMM file
  • 4266 10/21/2011–2/6/2012—DEM Does not default to correct coordinate system (projection) when importing
  • 4265 10/21/2011–1/26/2012—Problem finding cross section database in attached file
  • 4413 11/30/2011–1/26/2012—Web data not downloading

Release 9.0 beta – January 24, 2012

WMS 9.0 Beta has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/downloads. A list of significant new features is located here. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug ID Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 4280 10/25/2011–1/24/2012—Problem with GSSHA stream arc file I/O in *.cif file
  • 4279 10/25/2011–1/24/2012—Problem with GSSHA overland boundary condition in *.cmt file
  • 4491 12/14/2011–1/20/2012—The check box in the All row in the properties dialog doesn't work
  • 4489 12/14/2011–1/18/2012—HY-8 Shapes crash
  • 4390 11/23/2011–1/18/2012—QC Testing – HY-12 Tutorial errors
  • 4520 1/3/2012–1/18/2012—Crash when trying to create HY-12 structure
  • 4307 11/1/2011–1/17/2012—Images tutorial needs to be fixed
  • 4308 11/1/2011–1/16/2012—DEM Basics tutorial needs to be fixed
  • 4311 11/2/2011–1/16/2012—DEM Delineation Tutorial needs to be fixed
  • 4313 11/2/2011–1/16/2012—Advanced DEM Delination Tutorial needs to be fixed
  • 4436 12/6/2011–1/13/2012—Extract elevation data from the Global Mapper online elevation data options instead of from the USGS seamless site
  • 4087 9/6/2011–1/11/2012—Gridded gage coverage display issues
  • 4157 9/22/2011–1/10/2012—Material not saved in "Land Poly Atts" window
  • 4421 12/1/2011–1/9/2012—Date/Time Display on the Hydrograph Plot window
  • 4494 12/15/2011–1/9/2012—WMS crashes while trying to read GSSHA solution
  • 4501 12/19/2011–1/6/2012—Minor HY-8 tutorial issue
  • 4431 12/6/2011–1/5/2012—Fix problem with WMS framing if you have an online map and you download a DEM from online data
  • 4518 12/29/2011–1/5/2012—New Tool for contouring based on a selected area needs a name
  • 4432 12/6/2011–1/5/2012—Add a forward and back view button to the WMS interface in the static tools, similar to the buttons in HydroDesktop
  • 4528 1/3/2012–1/4/2012—Soil erosion parameters in cmt file is saved incorrectly
  • 4433 12/6/2011–12/30/2011—Add an option to convert online images to a normal (static) image in the map module
  • 4443 12/6/2011–12/14/2011—Add elevation data site to GSDA site
  • 4434 12/6/2011–12/14/2011—Create a separate non-global-mapper interface for accessing online images
  • 4451 12/6/2011–12/12/2011—Make the MODRAT renumber selection dialog modeless
  • 4423 12/1/2011–12/9/2011—GSSHA Overland Boundary Condition
  • 4199 10/5/2011–12/7/2011—Crop Collar and Uncrop Collar commands not active
  • 4379 11/18/2011–12/7/2011—WMS crashes when tryring to crop the collar of an image
  • 4446 12/6/2011–12/7/2011—Remove or fix Crop Collars in WMS (4 hours)
  • 4086 9/6/2011–12/6/2011—NEXRAD MODClark Tutorial Issues
  • 4139 9/16/2011–12/5/2011—Only one point shows up when loading WMS project with MODRAT model
  • 4194 10/3/2011–12/2/2011—Contours for TIN-> DEM Conversion not displaying at all
  • 4089 9/6/2011–12/1/2011—Hydrologic tree does not appear
  • 4128 9/14/2011–12/1/2011—WMS crashes section 8.1 "Orange County Unit Hydrograph – GIS" tutorial.
  • 4096 9/7/2011–11/30/2011—NSS not registered
  • 4102 9/8/2011–11/30/2011—HEC-1 does not run after adding a diversion
  • 4127 9/13/2011–11/30/2011—Mean basin slope not assigned for some equations in NSS
  • 4071 9/1/2011–11/29/2011—WMS 8.4.21 crashes when trying to load GSSHA project file
  • 4211 10/7/2011–11/29/2011—Crash when trying to load *.gdm file
  • 4204 10/6/2011–11/29/2011—Crash when trying to smooth streams
  • 4240 10/14/2011–11/28/2011—GSSHA crash when running long term richard's infiltration simulation
  • 4225 10/12/2011–11/28/2011—Rewrite the code that displays the embankment cells in a GSSHA project
  • 4198 10/5/2011–11/22/2011—Updates to the Data Calculator
  • 4272 10/24/2011–11/11/2011—Time Series Editor
  • 4271 10/24/2011–11/11/2011—Time Series Editor, Split time series for GSSHA
  • 3638 6/7/2011–11/8/2011—Assertion when going to HY-12 Junction data
  • 4057 8/29/2011–11/8/2011—Modifying soil input field in the MODRAT Job Control changes rain input field
  • 3637 6/7/2011–11/8/2011—HY-12 Structure types are not sorted correctly for links
  • 4161 9/23/2011–11/1/2011—MODRAT Tc values greater than 30 minutes capped at 30 minutes without a warning
  • 4168 9/26/2011–10/31/2011—Problem with Use Thalweg Data command in the GSSHA Stream Profile Editor
  • 4191 9/30/2011–10/31/2011—Input hydro graph loses data if has more than 300 time steps.
  • 3977 8/12/2011–10/28/2011—Tc value does not appear where it should
  • 3963 8/11/2011–10/27/2011—WMS crashes when I include pipe node in/out flow
  • 4009 8/18/2011–10/26/2011—WMS crashes when clicking depth solution
  • 4062 8/30/2011–10/26/2011—OC Rational Tutorial Won't Run
  • 3697 6/22/2011–10/25/2011—WMS 8.4 does not save re-projection
  • 3738 7/5/2011–10/24/2011—Window is not big enough for text
  • 3978 8/12/2011–10/24/2011—Must save WMS project before calculating CN
  • 4094 9/7/2011–10/21/2011—Uninstallation of WMS 8.4 does not work
  • 3981 8/15/2011–10/21/2011—WMS 8.4.19 crashes in SMPDBK tutorial
  • 4007 8/18/2011–10/20/2011—Crash when creating an arc attached to outlet
  • 3644 6/9/2011–10/20/2011—Issue with storm/tile drains
  • 3886 8/2/2011–10/14/2011—Rational solution not saved in EPA SWMM file unless certain contitions met
  • 3889 8/2/2011–10/14/2011—Node and link elevations not saved in WMS
  • 3912 8/8/2011–10/14/2011—WMS not saving invert elevations for SWMM interface.
  • 3946 8/10/2011–10/14/2011—WMS not reading in Link and Node elevations or names from EPA SWMM file
  • 3947 8/10/2011–10/14/2011—WMS not reading link and node names from xpSWMM file.
  • 4205 10/6/2011–10/11/2011—Input hydro graph truncated for modrat simulation
  • 4080 9/2/2011–10/3/2011—Problem with saving EPA-SWMM data
  • 3648 6/9/2011–9/23/2011—WMS 8.4 crashes when you select Remove Flat Triangles
  • 3680 6/16/2011–9/16/2011—include build number at end of WMS in "Help | About" dialog
  • 3722 6/30/2011–9/15/2011—Updating Tutorial
  • 3832 7/20/2011–9/15/2011—Map to Hydrologic Model option not working in Detention Basin Editor
  • 4081 9/2/2011–9/14/2011—Changes to GSSHA .cmt file for WMS 9.0
  • 3985 8/15/2011–9/12/2011—GSSHA calibration Parameter replacement issue
  • 4035 8/25/2011–9/12/2011—Add the OVERLAND_BACKWATER card to the WMS GSSHA interface
  • 4108 9/8/2011–9/9/2011—WMS becomes unresponsive when working with a CE-QUAL-W2 control file
  • 3703 6/24/2011–9/7/2011—GSSHA modeling basics infiltration tutorial bug
  • 3611 6/2/2011–9/6/2011—Add the GMS unit test debug dialog to shared code and share it with WMS
  • 3403 4/13/2011–9/1/2011—Problem computing overbank flow when running GSSHA (likely a GSSHA bug or potential problem)
  • 3671 6/15/2011–8/31/2011—Hydraulic Toolbox Tutorial quick fixes for Eric or Richard (2 hours)
  • 3324 3/29/2011–8/31/2011—Problem with MODRAT Soil file definition
  • 3601 6/1/2011–8/31/2011—Font settings lost on some display options in dev.
  • 3481 5/4/2011–8/30/2011—Cropping collar using right click menu not working properly
  • 2997 1/20/2011–8/30/2011—error about HEC programs during WMS 8.4 install
  • 3569 5/25/2011–8/30/2011—MODRAT-GIS Tutorial Issues
  • 3440 4/25/2011–8/29/2011—Review Spatial rainfall tutorials
  • 3441 4/25/2011–8/29/2011—Review MODRAT tutorials
  • 3378 4/6/2011–8/25/2011—Plots not showing up in OC rational method GIS tutorial
  • 3414 4/18/2011–8/25/2011—Error when running OC Rational Tutorial
  • 2805 11/19/2010–8/23/2011—Unable to write Area-Reduction Factor in GSSHA mapping table file
  • 3402 4/12/2011–8/23/2011—Area reduction GSSHA table not included in WMS
  • 3494 5/9/2011–8/23/2011—Could we add a new tool that would contour a given area?
  • 3810 7/15/2011–8/22/2011—"Could not assign length and orientation" error when trying to "Get lengths and orientation of branch segments" in CE-QUAL-W2 tu
  • 3249 3/15/2011–8/16/2011—Values multiplied by 3.28 when exporting a GeoTIFF
  • 3895 8/3/2011–8/15/2011—CE-QUAL-W2 crashes when trying to import boundary conditions for a branch
  • 3885 8/2/2011–8/15/2011—CE-QUAL-W2 crashes when trying to import a meteorological file
  • 3813 7/15/2011–8/12/2011—Resizing WMS causing computer to freeze
  • 3807 7/14/2011–8/12/2011—Crash when double clicking title bar
  • 3803 7/13/2011–8/10/2011—Coordinate Conversion Crash
  • 3796 7/12/2011–8/9/2011—See if 10-85 basin parameters are being transferred to the NSS database
  • 3743 7/6/2011–8/4/2011—More HY-8 Wizard Tutorial Issues
  • 3742 7/6/2011–8/4/2011—WMS crashes when doing DEM → Stream Arcs
  • 3741 7/6/2011–8/4/2011—WMS freezes when delineating watershed in HY-8 wizard
  • 3560 5/24/2011–8/4/2011—WMS 8.4 HSPF Bugs to fix (12 Hours)
  • 3496 5/9/2011–8/3/2011—Clean up the hydraulic toolbox tutorial and put it online
  • 3477 5/3/2011–8/1/2011—Extracting X-sections error if Elevation data is not selected
  • 3478 5/3/2011–8/1/2011—Exporting KMZ vector file
  • 3503 5/9/2011–7/28/2011—Export TIN-based filmloop to Google Earth
  • 3497 5/9/2011–7/28/2011—Bugs that came up in the HY8 modeling wizard tutorial
  • 3515 5/11/2011–7/27/2011—Not all soil types mapped to index map
  • 3612 6/2/2011–7/26/2011—Add integration tests to WMS
  • 3525 5/12/2011–7/25/2011—Error message while converting feature arcs to TIN
  • 286 12/8/2008–7/20/2011—Rewrite Infiltration tutorial on www.gsshawiki.com
  • 1511 10/12/2009–7/20/2011—New NSS databases not compatible with WMS 8.2
  • 995 6/3/2009–7/20/2011—In the 2D Scatter Data tab of the Display Options dialog decimal Z magnifications are not currently supported.
  • 3681 6/16/2011–7/18/2011—error when trying to install WMS 8.4.15 when WMS 8.4.14 is already installed
  • 3675 6/15/2011–7/18/2011—SWMM tutorial not exporting flowrates
  • 3678 6/16/2011–7/15/2011—SWMM Tutorial Bug: WMS not writing hydrograph information to EPA SWMM
  • 3672 6/15/2011–7/14/2011—Bug in SWMM tutorial: area exported in sq. mi. even though computed in acres
  • 3083 2/8/2011–7/14/2011—SWMM tutorial bugs
  • 3588 5/31/2011–7/13/2011—Problems with Modified Puls xy series editor in HEC-HMS Parameters dialog
  • 3366 4/5/2011–7/5/2011—Export a filmoop or KMZ from a TIN
  • 1648 11/23/2009–7/5/2011—WMS runs out of memory when converting one TIN contour to feature objects.
  • 2118 4/21/2010–7/5/2011—Clean→Snap Selected Nodes command gives you an hourglass instead of a select cursor
  • 1708 12/16/2009–7/5/2011—WMS not Print Correctly
  • 1496 10/7/2009–7/5/2011—Problem reading *.wpr or *.wms file with TIFF file
  • 996 6/3/2009–7/5/2011—wmsnss.exe crash
  • 865 4/28/2009–7/5/2011—Check to see if the fix for the single-basin at outlet problem has worked out in the dev version
  • 3732 7/1/2011–7/5/2011—Freeze when trying to delineate a basin in WMS 8.4
  • 3513 5/10/2011–6/30/2011—Crash or freeze when reading solution
  • 3713 6/29/2011–6/29/2011—Problem saving HMS file
  • 3531 5/13/2011–6/15/2011—WMS crash while converting DEM to TIM
  • 3609 6/2/2011–6/7/2011—Issues with new combo boxes in Film Loop Setup
  • 3590 5/31/2011–6/7/2011—Hydraulic Toolbox tutorial issue
  • 3634 6/6/2011–6/7/2011—Problem filtering TIN
  • 3492 5/9/2011–6/6/2011—Filtering angle option for TIN filtering not working properly
  • 3404 4/13/2011–6/2/2011—Add a pre-link event to copy shapesdb.dat (used in HY8) to the 64-bit WMS folder (1 hour)
  • 3431 4/25/2011–6/2/2011—Problem reading GSSHA project and GSSHA solution
  • 3475 5/3/2011–6/1/2011—Model Check Error when doing GSSHA
  • 3463 4/29/2011–5/31/2011—GSSHA card improperly written out in *.cif file
  • 3396 4/11/2011–5/31/2011—Index maps do not display in GSSHA model
  • 3397 4/11/2011–5/16/2011—GSSHA Film Loop
  • 2550 9/7/2010–5/11/2011—Need to be able to assign land use IDs manually
  • 3471 5/2/2011–5/3/2011—WMS crashes when opening hydrograph plot from palmer canyon GIS MODRAT model
  • 3239 3/14/2011–5/2/2011—problem with base files in GSSHA tutorials
  • 3240 3/14/2011–4/29/2011—GSSHA stops prematurely after adding a detention basin
  • 3231 3/11/2011–4/21/2011—Problem with flow accumulations at depression points
  • 3248 3/15/2011–4/20/2011—WMS 8.4 always says you're out of date
  • 3261 3/17/2011–4/19/2011—Redo the way we handle stream and cell boundary conditions in GSSHA
  • 3254 3/15/2011–4/19/2011—Error when selecting below last time step of GSSHA depth output
  • 3348 3/31/2011–4/18/2011—Problem with downloading land use data (possibly other web services also)
  • 3368 4/5/2011–4/14/2011—Bug in GSSHA Modeling Basics Infiltration tutorial (.cmt file problem--check)
  • 3369 4/5/2011–4/13/2011—Bug in GSSHA - Modeling - Wizard tutorial-GSSHA model checker errors
  • 3371 4/5/2011–4/13/2011—Problem with running GSSHA with wells and saving GSSHA well files
  • 3372 4/5/2011–4/11/2011—crash when running GSSHA
  • 3344 3/30/2011–4/6/2011—Minor Model check problem after opening existing project file
  • 3296 3/24/2011–4/6/2011—WMS hangs when processing NEXRAD radar rainfall grids
  • 3298 3/24/2011–4/6/2011—Fix all problems with importing and using radar rainfall grids
  • 3365 4/5/2011–4/5/2011—Remove a the "Crop Image" page from the wiki
  • 3295 3/24/2011–4/5/2011—Crash when reading GSSHA project with different size of grid cells than the .msk file in the index map
  • 3338 3/30/2011–4/5/2011—Select a better default for computing gage weights
  • 3337 3/30/2011–4/5/2011—Add a separate menu command to compute rainfall gage weights
  • 3330 3/30/2011–4/4/2011—Basin Time Computation Method is not saved
  • 3345 3/31/2011–4/4/2011—Problem with debris production estimates from MODRAT GIS Tutorial
  • 3343 3/30/2011–4/1/2011—Percent Impervious not mapped correctly from shapefile data
  • 3272 3/18/2011–3/22/2011—WMS basin boundaries not drawn completely in HEC-HMS (Willdan project)
  • 3157 2/22/2011–3/17/2011—Collar not cropped completely
  • 2992 1/20/2011–3/17/2011—WMS freezes when mapping to 1D schematic
  • 2993 1/20/2011–3/17/2011—WMS 8.4 freezes when trying to load a wms project file
  • 3255 3/16/2011–3/16/2011—WMS 8.4 installs HEC-RAS 4.1, but tries to launch 4.0
  • 3016 1/26/2011–3/16/2011—"Error reading scalar binary file, (floatarray)" appears when loading GSSHA depth solution
  • 3018 1/27/2011–3/15/2011—Second window appears after importing HEC-RAS GIS file
  • 2051 4/6/2010–3/15/2011—WMS crashes when trying to open RainGageBug.wms
  • 3019 1/27/2011–3/15/2011—Importing .cmt file into GSSHA Map Table Editor does not work
  • 3205 3/3/2011–3/15/2011—Problem with HMS diversions in Willdan project
  • 3014 1/26/2011–3/14/2011—Problem with trying to read SCS default rainfall distributions when a different version of WMS is installed then uninstalled
  • 2991 1/20/2011–3/14/2011—error message each time opening WMS 8.4 64-bit
  • 2903 12/22/2010–3/14/2011—Loading Projection file
  • 2900 12/21/2010–3/14/2011—Crash when generating a GSSHA grid
  • 3204 3/3/2011–3/11/2011—WMS not saving "description" field in HMS interface
  • 3198 3/1/2011–3/11/2011—% Impervious not displaying properly while Computing GIS Attributes
  • 3180 2/28/2011–3/11/2011—Basin Time Computation for HEC-HMS
  • 3079 2/8/2011–3/10/2011—TauDEM not working with depression points
  • 3215 3/7/2011–3/10/2011—Confusing error message when network lock has problems
  • 3197 3/1/2011–3/9/2011—Missing parameter in HEC-HMS Properties dialog
  • 3194 3/1/2011–3/9/2011—Problem with using the hydraulic toolbox in the WMS HY8 modeling wizard
  • 3073 2/4/2011–3/8/2011—HY-8 Wizard bugs
  • 3195 3/1/2011–3/8/2011—Cancel on the Hydraulic Toolbox Storage capacity input dialog does not work
  • 2921 1/5/2011–2/25/2011—Creating soil type coverage manually for use with GSSHA is problematic
  • 3074 2/4/2011–2/25/2011—crash when delineating inundated area in HY-8 wizard
  • 2976 1/18/2011–2/8/2011—NSS not functional in WMS 8.4

WMS 8.4 Release Notes

Release 8.4/Intermediate Release WMS 8.4.9 – February 3, 2011

An update to WMS 8.4 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The final version of WMS 8.4 was also released in December 2010. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug ID-Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 3049 1/31/2011–2/1/2011—error when converting NEXRAD data to *.dss
  • 2681 10/15/2010–1/24/2011—Problem reading GSSHA sediment files
  • 2680 10/15/2010–1/24/2011—Problem with reading/saving GSSHA contaminant file from WMS
  • 2707 10/25/2010–1/20/2011—printed scale bar display error
  • 2682 10/15/2010–1/20/2011—Problem writing GSSHA project file with overland flow boundary condition
  • 2292 6/3/2010–1/20/2011—RAS import causing Issues
  • 2505 8/17/2010v1/18/2011—Problem reading HEC-1 file and writing it as an HMS file
  • 2665 10/11/2010–1/10/2011—DEM→Stream Arcs command not working for certain projects
  • 2922 1/5/2011–1/7/2011—WMS 8.4 crashes when loading Willdan .asc dem files as a group
  • 2549 9/7/2010–1/4/2011—WMS doesn't recognize all basins created w/ feature objects
  • 2511 8/20/2010–11/3/2010—WMS HANGS when deleting arc
  • 2624 10/4/2010–11/2/2010—Modrat Wrapper not finishing
  • 2623 10/1/2010–11/2/2010—Joining SSURGO data bug
  • 2565 9/9/2010–11/2/2010—Click on GSSHA Smooth Stream Dialog causes a crash
  • 2400 7/12/2010–10/28/2010—Build Polygons Crash
  • 2389 7/7/2010–10/28/2010—WMS 8.3 unable to Connect to Sever when selecting from web service
  • 2629 10/5/2010–10/27/2010—WMS cannot load images after converting DEM to TIN
  • 2436 7/21/2010–10/27/2010—WMS crashing when loading GIS data
  • 2359 6/29/2010–10/27/2010—WMS 8.3 Crashing when loading Raster
  • 2627 10/5/2010–10/25/2010—Severe WMS/Global Mapper bug when converting DEM to TIN
  • 2597 9/23/2010–10/25/2010—When loading the hydrograph solution to HEC-1 WMS Gives an error
  • 2508 8/19/2010–10/22/2010—WMS 84 can't load existing GSSHA model.
  • 2546 9/7/2010–10/20/2010—WMS Clean tool gives an hourglass instead of an arrow cursor
  • 2332 6/16/2010–7/19/2010—problems numbering Branch
  • 2321 6/11/2010–7/16/2010—Run GSSHA model button in the Hydrologic modeling wizard not working
  • 2311 6/9/2010–7/16/2010—Contour Options button not working
  • 2288 6/2/2010–7/16/2010—Hydrologic modeling wizard Define project boundary
  • 2244 5/24/2010–7/16/2010—flow vectors don't read in
  • 2239 5/20/2010–7/16/2010—Save File button not working in Coverage Overlay dialog
  • 2366 6/30/2010–7/15/2010—Display options
  • 2184 5/5/2010–7/14/2010—Tutorial change request
  • 2217 5/13/2010–7/13/2010—WMS not writing all lakes to file
  • 2215 5/13/2010–7/13/2010—Simple dam Break not finding Cross Section
  • 2237 5/20/2010–7/12/2010—Add the START_TIME and END_TIME cards to writing the GSSHA Project file and have fields for these cards in the GSSHA Job Control
  • 2108 4/19/2010–7/8/2010—Changed the elevations of a few cross sections to get rid of pooling and then tried to rerun HECRAS but it wouldn't run because
  • 2089 4/16/2010–7/8/2010—Cross sections Missing
  • 2236 5/20/2010–7/2/2010—Crash when deleting GSSHA model
  • 2234 5/19/2010–6/10/2010—Add option to select whether to export contaminant mass and concentration to GSSHA output control
  • 2156 4/28/2010–6/10/2010—Error in GSSHA Calibratiobn
  • 2153 4/28/2010–6/10/2010—GSSHA calibration output files
  • 2060 4/8/2010–6/10/2010—Allow editing polygon-selected index map ID's in the properties window
  • 2247 5/25/2010–6/9/2010—Add GSSHA Calibration Parameters in WMS
  • 2235 5/19/2010–6/9/2010—Report the name of the contaminant when reading the contaminant transport solution
  • 2249 5/25/2010–6/8/2010—Check while reading parameter and calibration file in GSSHA automated calibration
  • 2248 5/25/2010–6/8/2010—WMS does not read observed data file
  • 2075 4/12/2010–5/18/2010—"Error message when trying to open an image: ""The application has failed to start because gmp-vc90-mt.dll was not found"""
  • 2065 4/9/2010–5/18/2010—"The ""Select Shapes Tool"" in the GIS module should be an active tool but it is inactive."
  • 2141 4/26/2010–5/14/2010—WMS crashes when right clicking on a TIN Tree Item for a TIN that's been deleted
  • 2147 4/28/2010–5/13/2010—Error reading GSSHA Stochastic Simulation results
  • 2183 5/4/2010–5/12/2010—Save GSSHA Group Dialog
  • 2151 4/28/2010–5/12/2010—Issues with GSSHA Automated Calibration
  • 2175 5/3/2010–5/11/2010—converting dem contours to feature objects
  • 2143 4/26/2010–5/11/2010—Multi-Select index map grid cells
  • 1761 1/8/2010–4/19/2010—Louisiana SSURGO files will not download from Web Services
  • 1753 1/5/2010–4/19/2010—Opening this GSSHA project file causes WMS 8.3 to crash
  • 1754 1/6/2010–4/16/2010—WMS crashes when opening any GSSHA project with the attached *.ini file
  • 2020 3/29/2010–4/14/2010—Problem converting shapefile contour lines to feature objects (and then to elevations on a TIN)

Other fixes and updates

  1. Fixed MODRAT/WMS bugs
  2. Rewrite all recursive functions associated with basin delineation and basin data computation
  3. Add parameters toggle in Soil Type/Land Use attributes dialog for Initial and Constant, and add attribute for Initial Loss (in) and Constant Infiltration Rate (in/hr)
  4. Automatically transfer Initial and Constant values to appropriate loss fields in HMS properties dialog (may require adding Initial Loss, Constant Infiltration Rate, and Percent Impervious to list of Basin data parameters)
  5. Change "Compute Basin Data" function to only compute selected basin data parameters (may significantly reduce computation time for large datasets)
  6. Modify HMS temporal distribution dialog to use more than 300 points

WMS 8.3 Release Notes

Intermediate Release WMS 8.3.4 – June 7, 2010

An update to WMS 8.3 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 2071 4/12/2010–5/18/2010—Zoom tool not working in Edit DEM Elevations plot window
  • 2084 4/14/2010–5/17/2010—DEM File won't read in
  • 2038 4/1/2010–4/14/2010—Placing a contour label causes WMS 8.3 to crash

Intermediate Release WMS 8.3.3 – March 19, 2010

An update to WMS 8.3 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 1860 2/4/2010–3/11/2010—Floating point error when running SMPDBK
  • 1919 2/26/2010–3/11/2010—Loading dem changes Current Coordinates.
  • 1944 3/3/2010–3/10/2010—Option to manually link nodes and outlets in SWMM does not work
  • 1958 3/4/2010–3/10/2010—"When selecting the basin icon in the NSS model (tutorial volume 2, ch3), WMS gives error window"
  • 1824 1/25/2010–3/9/2010—Floodplain delineation freeze
  • 1825 1/25/2010–3/9/2010—Opening these DEMs with Current Coordinates set to State Plane causes WMS to crash

Release 8.3.0/Intermediate Release WMS 8.3.1 – January 26, 2010

An update to WMS 8.3 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The final version of WMS 8.3 was also released in December. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 1762 1/8/2010–1/21/2010—"Change ""Join SSURGO data"" command to ""Join NRCS data"""
  • 1731 12/22/2009–1/21/2010—GSSHA cross section data not saved.
  • 1755 1/6/2010–1/20/2010—WMS 8.3 does not read in GSSHA custom cross-section data
  • 1609 11/6/2009–1/14/2010—WMS coverages not overlaying DEM properly in WMS 8.3
  • 1650 11/23/2009–1/13/2010—Converting TIN Contour to Feature Objects not working from menu
  • 1664 12/1/2009–1/12/2010—WMS crashes upon opening the .wms file included in bug #1531
  • 888 5/4/2009–12/3/2009—WMS 8.2 gets hung when trying to run on a computer with low resolution
  • 1642 11/19/2009–12/3/2009—Bug when displaying GIS data using ArcObjects in Albers coordinate system
  • 863 4/28/2009–11/19/2009—Problem reading land use ArcGrid with ArcObjects
  • 1035 6/15/2009–11/18/2009—Save files to temporary directory/filename before writing over original file
  • 1614 11/9/2009–11/18/2009—Map Data option for computing lag time in HEC-HMS doesn't transfer computed value
  • 1621 11/12/2009–11/18/2009—HMS Lag time for computing Clark's R doesn't update when edited manually
  • 1618 11/11/2009–11/11/2009—Button for Defining Inflow-Diverted flow in HMS Interface not working
  • 1615 11/9/2009–11/10/2009—WMS crashes when exporting scatter data to ASCII grid file
  • 1617 11/10/2009–11/10/2009—Basin area units wrong in HMS if computing basin data in acres
  • 1612 11/9/2009–11/9/2009—WMS giving the wrong Values in the ENDFILES
  • 1610 11/6/2009–11/9/2009—Land use shapefile descriptions not mapped to Level2
  • 1251 7/31/2009–11/9/2009—Let users change rain gage display
  • 450 1/15/2009–11/9/2009—WMS deletes TIN vertices and triangles when closing a project
  • 271 12/2/2008–11/9/2009—Cancel button does not work on the web services dialog
  • 237 11/19/2008–11/9/2009—Display doesn't refresh while dragging vertices
  • 1597 11/3/2009–11/9/2009—WMS Crash
  • 640 2/27/2009–11/5/2009—"Remove toggle box in CAD Data Display Options dialog – if not the whole dialog"
  • 1559 10/21/2009–10/30/2009—WMS title bar modification to facilitate testing of the 'release' version and elimination of the 'release robot' version
  • 1588 10/30/2009–10/30/2009—Problem with Extract Cross Sections dialog
  • 316 12/12/2008–10/30/2009—Detention basin overflowed error when running the Rational Method
  • 227 11/13/2008–10/30/2009—Display CAD data command does not turn CAD display off when toggled off
  • 226 11/13/2008–10/30/2009—CAD Layers coverages are not highlighted when they are set as the active coverage
  • 837 4/22/2009–10/29/2009—Why is the terraserver map scale dialog so big?
  • 284 12/8/2008–10/29/2009—Remove CROSS_SECTION_LIST card from GSSHA files that WMS writes
  • 415 1/8/2009–10/29/2009—"Upon Clicking ""Delineate Watershed"" ( Tutorials, Vol II, Ch 5, Sec 5.2.7) the file name is omitted from the title bar."
  • 1577 10/28/2009–10/28/2009—Default feature arc attribute not stored for 1D Hydraulic Centerline coverage
  • 1572 10/26/2009–10/28/2009—"Section 2.3.1, Volume 2, Chapter 2, Step 11"
  • 332 12/17/2008–10/28/2009—Properties window display bug
  • 188 11/6/2008–10/28/2009—Error reading shapefiles with associated .prj files
  • 178 11/4/2008–10/28/2009—Map data is hidden behind the 2D Grid when color filled contours are turned on in plan view
  • 177 11/4/2008–10/28/2009—Problem displaying 2D Grid flow vectors with blocked cells and color filled contours.
  • 851 4/24/2009–10/28/2009—"Sub-basins improperly delineated. Zero area error. Orange County Tutorial 6, section 6.3.2."
  • 1481 10/2/2009–10/26/2009—WMS crashes when treating generic polygons as basins.
  • 1568 10/23/2009–10/26/2009—MODRAT dialog warning of duplicate names when no duplicate names exist
  • 1517 10/13/2009–10/26/2009—Problem with moving GSSHA projects to a different directory
  • 832 4/21/2009–10/23/2009—Problem with sub-basin areas
  • 1469 9/30/2009–10/20/2009—HEC-1 Data Points
  • 1438 9/19/2009–10/19/2009—"Upon completion of Step 12, Section 3.4, Volume 6, the .wms or .wpr is dropped from the file name in the title bar."
  • 822 4/17/2009–10/16/2009—Generate IDs button never undims when entering Infiltration after Initial Moisture
  • 1535 10/16/2009–10/16/2009—WMS doesn't recognize drainage basin
  • 107 10/9/2008–10/16/2009—Incorrect prompt shown
  • 1531 10/15/2009–10/15/2009—Rain gage weights don't add up to one
  • 666 3/6/2009–10/15/2009—Contour Options dialog spreadsheet problems
  • 1488 10/6/2009–10/15/2009—Contour intervals incorrect when using specified values and then switching to color fill
  • 358 12/23/2008–10/14/2009—Save button in Project Filename page of Hydrologic Modeling Wizard overwrites existing files
  • 106 10/9/2008–10/14/2009—Hourglass not shown while deleting tin verts
  • 485 1/22/2009–10/13/2009—Problem when trying to indicate the location of WinHspfLt.exe
  • 314 12/12/2008–10/13/2009—Legend text in hydrograph plot for Rational method hydrographs
  • 219 11/12/2008–10/13/2009—Edit | Preferences window needs some tweaking
  • 789 4/3/2009–10/13/2009—Can't access drainage data display options
  • 480 1/21/2009–10/12/2009—Forum feature request: saving depression points
  • 140 10/24/2008–10/12/2009—Ghost Outlet Bug: WMS selects an imaginary outlet when selecting an outlet in the Map Module in 8.1
  • 451 1/15/2009–10/9/2009—WMS vanishes when working with a project with a deep file directory
  • 1472 9/30/2009–10/8/2009—MODRAT import Issue
  • 426 1/13/2009–10/7/2009—Saving image registration (world file) with xmdf project file
  • 398 1/7/2009–10/7/2009—Saving image registration data with .wms (xmdf) file
  • 1470 9/30/2009–10/7/2009—MODRAT Output Error
  • 1250 7/31/2009–10/7/2009—WMS crashes when converting a DTED DEM to a TIN and toggling the TIN display on and off
  • 836 4/22/2009–10/7/2009—State plane zone description not showing in shared projection dialog
  • 862 4/28/2009–10/7/2009—Another problem displaying image with ArcObjects enabled
  • 245 11/21/2008–10/7/2009—Cross section not displayed in channel calculator
  • 439 1/13/2009–10/7/2009—Duplicating a coverage takes a long time
  • 438 1/13/2009–10/7/2009—Changing coverage name in the Coverage Properties dialog takes a long time
  • 165 10/30/2008–10/6/2009—Rain Gage coverage should have Map data display attributes
  • 168 10/30/2008–10/6/2009—Legend gets stuck on WMS Screen when Selecting File | New
  • 433 1/13/2009–10/6/2009—Mapping shapefile to feature obejcts crash
  • 361 12/29/2008–10/6/2009—Problem with images on xmswiki.com
  • 1457 9/25/2009–10/6/2009—Crash when running OC rational
  • 357 12/23/2008–10/6/2009—DEM point selection tool slow selecting a DEM point
  • 1471 9/30/2009–10/6/2009—Adding stream arc crashes project
  • 315 12/12/2008–10/6/2009—Delete button in the Elevation Discharge Input dialog does not work
  • 301 12/9/2008–10/6/2009—Selecting a segment in the CE-QUAL-W2 Polygon Segment Attributes dialog does not select a segment in the graphics window
  • 1485 10/5/2009–10/6/2009—WMS vanishes when opening this GSSHA project from the wiki tutorials
  • 206 11/11/2008–10/5/2009—Remove Flat triangles does not work in WMS 8.2
  • 449 1/15/2009–10/5/2009—TIN and map file do not overlay properly in WMS 8.1
  • 179 11/4/2008–10/5/2009—Problem displaying 2D grid cell elevations with color filled contours
  • 916 5/7/2009–10/5/2009—Display issue with reading map file
  • 116 10/16/2008–10/5/2009—Web Services options that don't work should be dimmed out
  • 130 10/21/2008–10/5/2009—Errors when running through CE-QUAL tutorial in WMS 9.0
  • 1242 7/30/2009–10/2/2009—NSS will not load without write access to Program Files directory
  • 157 10/29/2008–10/2/2009—Pattern palette not working in WMS 8.1
  • 101 10/7/2008–10/2/2009—2D Grid Flow Vectors drawn on same layer as Color Filled Contours
  • 1473 9/30/2009–10/2/2009—NSS calculation possible error
  • 1271 8/6/2009–9/30/2009—WMS crashes when creating a filmloop of a partial solution
  • 1594 10/31/2009–11/4/2009—Vol 3, Ch4, Section 4.3.2, Step 2. Strange symbols appear in list box.
  • 1578 10/28/2009–11/4/2009—Multiple arcs should only have one attribute if connected

WMS 8.2 Release Notes

Intermediate Release WMS 8.2.6 – September 22, 2009

An update to WMS 8.2 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted-Updated—Summary

  • 170 10/31/2008–9/21/2009—Bug when opening a WMS project from spatial tutorials
  • 999 6/3/2009–9/21/2009—Error message occasionally pops up while moving through sediment flux or stream sediment flux dataset.
  • 898 5/5/2009–9/21/2009—WMS crashes when running Clean Up Model command on this project
  • 860 4/28/2009–9/21/2009—Problem reading TIFF image using File | Open command
  • 852 4/27/2009–9/21/2009—Upon completion of the Volume VI - Chapter 6 tutorial, Section 6.2, Step 13 WMS crashes.
  • 1391 9/8/2009–9/21/2009—GSSHA datasets don't match up with hydrographs
  • 360 12/23/2008–9/18/2009—Default DEM display point size
  • 464 1/19/2009–9/18/2009—Switching to Specified Values in Contour Options does not enable Value fields
  • 648 3/4/2009–9/18/2009—Remove reservoir display opts from the TIN drainage display tab
  • 283 12/6/2008–9/18/2009—Error message, Vol. V, Ch. 1, Section 1.2, step 24, "An unsupported operation was attempted."
  • 192 11/7/2008–9/18/2009—Bug when specifying a bias when creating a 2D grid
  • 171 10/31/2008–9/18/2009—Tc value not updating in ModClark tutorial
  • 105 10/9/2008–9/17/2009—DrawBuffer_enum GetDrawBuffer () Assertion
  • 100 10/7/2008–9/17/2009—WMS exports the canvas window background when saving a *.kmz film loop
  • 989 6/1/2009–9/17/2009—WMS crashes when running DEM->Stream Arcs command
  • 1199 7/20/2009–9/17/2009—WMS does not write out projection file when exporting grids from GSSHA output datasets
  • 277 12/4/2008–9/17/2009—Changes to GSSHA .cmt file requested by Chuck
  • 1270 8/6/2009–9/11/2009—Embankment arcs should not extend into inactive GSSHA cells or else GSSHA won't run
  • 1275 8/10/2009–9/11/2009—WMS does not read in more than 5, or 6 files into the "Convert Grids" dialog at a time.
  • 1286 8/12/2009–9/11/2009—In job control dialog,contaminant name and location are lost when you add a new contaminant
  • 1340 8/24/2009–9/10/2009—GSSHA sample tutorial crashes WMS
  • 1341 8/24/2009–9/10/2009—GSSHA doesn't save *.dep and *.ghm file when you choose to save before running
  • 1343 8/24/2009–9/10/2009—Basin data not read from file
  • 1389 9/3/2009–9/9/2009—WMS crashes when conforming GSSHA embankment arc to grid if no grid is available
  • 1068 6/23/2009–9/2/2009—Hydrograph output toggle in GSSHA solution results window not used, misleading
  • 1204 7/21/2009–8/17/2009—WMS Crashes upon completion of Step 12, Section 4.2, in the Volume 6, Chapter 3 tutorial.
  • 1170 7/15/2009–8/17/2009—Problem with either GSSHA or WMS-reading a GSSHA solution file
  • 1215 7/23/2009–8/11/2009—A dialog reading "There was an error reading record 1 in the Green-Ampt Land Use Table" cannot be dismissed.
  • 1051 6/17/2009–8/10/2009—DEM Contours written to KMZ file, when DEM is turned off
  • 1173 7/15/2009–8/10/2009—WMS crashes upon clicking the 'Assign' buttton during step 12, section 1.4, of the Volume 5, Chapter 1 – HSPF tutorial.
  • 1240 7/30/2009–8/7/2009—Save File command in coverage overlay window should show default file types
  • 1241 7/30/2009–8/7/2009—WMS crashes when delineating a watershed before running TOPAZ
  • 1138 7/10/2009–8/6/2009—Volume 3, Chapter 2 – Floodplain Delineation, csdb.idx file not found when saving *.wms file at the end.
  • 1252 7/31/2009–8/6/2009—Bug when reading in rain gages from format precip macro
  • 1188 7/16/2009–8/6/2009—The attached WMS.ini file causes WMS to crash when loading DEMs
  • 1002 6/3/2009–7/16/2009—HEC-1 lag time/time of concentration data computed
  • 997 6/3/2009–7/15/2009—SSURGO Shape files Bug
  • 1000 6/3/2009–7/15/2009—WMS crashes during the creation of an animation using the sediment flux and stream sediment flux data sets.
  • 1141 7/10/2009–7/10/2009—Bug in assigning texture using Join SSURGO command.
  • 1143 7/10/2009–7/10/2009—In WMS dev, the ksat algorithm in the Join SSURGO data command occasionally returns "-1.#IND00"
  • 1144 7/10/2009–7/10/2009—Bug in Joining SSURGO data KSAT values in WMS dev
  • 1145 7/10/2009–7/10/2009—resistance equation in Join SSURGO dialog should be changed to "equivalent conductance equation"
  • 919 5/7/2009–7/10/2009—WMS disappears when running DEM->Stream Arcs command on this DEM
  • 1004 6/4/2009–7/9/2009—GSSHA simulations including erosion and sediment only read in the first sediment from the .sed file into WMS.
  • 903 5/6/2009–7/9/2009—Tutorials, Volume V, Chapter 2, Section 2.6.2, Step 2.
  • 1066 6/22/2009–7/8/2009—CAD layers do not disable properly in the tree view
  • 1007 6/5/2009–7/6/2009—TerraServer generates an error upon completion of step 23, Section 2.7.2, of the Chapter 2, Volume 1 Tutorial.
  • 899 5/5/2009–7/1/2009—GSSHA hyetograph ranamed as "Hyetograph" in XY Series Editor
  • 909 5/6/2009–6/30/2009—spreadsheet entries in GSSHA Solution Analysis dialog dimmed for no good reason
  • 1083 6/26/2009–6/30/2009—GSSHA calibration mode results different when using different units
  • 901 5/6/2009–6/30/2009—Tutorials, Volume IV, Chapter 3, Section 3.5 - After finishing the tutorial WMS crashes while saving finished project file.
  • 906 5/6/2009–6/29/2009—GSSHA Outlfow hydrograph not matching stream flow graph in solution results window

Intermediate Release WMS 8.2.2 – June 23, 2009

An update to WMS 8.2 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 897 5/5/2009–6/15/2009—WMS crashes when deleting the GSSHA cumulative rainfall dataset from the project explorer
  • 902 5/6/2009–6/15/2009—MODRAT "Use Input Hydrograph" option doesn't work
  • 905 5/6/2009–6/12/2009—XY Series editor "show dates" option prompts for a reference date but doesn't use it
  • 908 5/6/2009–6/12/2009—WMS does not read the attached xy series file (even though it was created in WMS)
  • 924 5/11/2009–6/5/2009—WMS crashes when running model checker on the attached GSSHA model
  • 988 6/1/2009–6/5/2009—WMS crashes when importing these TOPAZ files
  • 952 5/18/2009–6/5/2009—WMS Crashes on Check Model command in GSSHA
  • 781 4/2/2009–6/5/2009—SURRGO Soils data not transferred to GSSHA index maps
  • 782 4/2/2009–6/5/2009—No units shown for joined SURRGO soils data
  • 896 5/5/2009–6/4/2009—infinite loop while trying to read prj file instead group project file
  • 998 6/3/2009–6/4/2009vRead project file crash
  • 808 4/10/2009–5/15/2009—GSSHA stops running after running the second hour of the attached 5-hour simulation
  • 849 4/24/2009–5/15/2009—WMS crashes when importing this GIS (.geo) file
  • 853 4/27/2009–5/14/2009—Problem reading or writing scalar data to or from 2D scattered data
  • 926 5/11/2009–5/13/2009—GSSHA crashes when trying to run the attached model
  • 775 4/2/2009–5/7/2009—GSSHA crashes when using lakes
  • 786 4/2/2009–5/6/2009—Prompt needed for users to switch model units from feet to meters if using GSSHA
  • 586 2/14/2009–5/6/2009—Title in the WMS 8.2 title bar needs to be cleaned up.
  • 309 12/11/2008–5/5/2009—GSSHA does not recognize wetlands (*.wlm) file when spaces are in the file path

Intermediate Release WMS 8.2.1 – May 4, 2009

An update to WMS 8.2 has been posted on Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 659 3/5/2009–5/1/2009—WMS crashes when running MODRAT with no file prefix
  • 698 3/16/2009–5/1/2009—MODRAT Error
  • 783 4/2/2009–5/1/2009—No feedback for MODRAT run – Randall Greenwood
  • 511 1/29/2009–5/1/2009—Deleted 1D-Hyd Cross-Section Arcs reappear when reopening WMS project
  • 200 11/10/2008–4/30/2009—WMS crashes when opening CAD file with image file (*.sid) loaded
  • 758 3/27/2009–4/29/2009—Better reading and processing needed for NLCD 2001 Land Use grids
  • 700 3/16/2009–4/28/2009—Problem with tying stream arcs to sub-basins
  • 633 2/27/2009–4/28/2009—WMS RASTER import Crash
  • 757 3/27/2009–4/28/2009—WMS crashes when importing an ArcGrid with ArcObjects enabled in WMS 8.1
  • 778 4/2/2009–4/27/2009—Selecting Redistribute Vertices command without a selected arc launches an unnecessary dialog
  • 671 3/10/2009–4/27/2009—2-D Scatter Dataset Not Created
  • 665 3/6/2009–4/27/2009—Problem with saving/reading datasets associated with TINs
  • 662 3/5/2009–4/23/2009—WMS 8.2 Crashes upon completion of Section 3.5, step 6 of the Volume IV, Chapter 3 tutorial.
  • 667 3/7/2009–4/23/2009—WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of step 9 of GSSHA Tutorials:3 Fixing Digital Dams
  • 436 1/13/2009–4/23/2009—WMS loses basin data reading in a project file
  • 432 1/13/2009–4/22/2009—Problems with coverage att tables when closing WMS
  • 702 3/16/2009–4/21/2009—Need input value length restrictions on MODRAT input values in Edit Parameters window
  • 660 3/5/2009–4/21/2009—WMS crashes when using Flood menu options with nothing loaded
  • 741 3/24/2009–4/20/2009—WMS 8.2 Crashes when reading in NSSmap_FL.map, step 2, section 7.4.1 of the Volume II, Chapter 7 tutorial. NSS Interface.
  • 717 3/18/2009–4/20/2009—Compute Basin Data Crash!
  • 110 10/9/2008–4/20/2009—Crash when going to global mapper dialog
  • 817 4/16/2009–4/16/2009—Opening this project file causes WMS to crash
  • 608 2/24/2009–4/14/2009—File path to LA County soils table needs to be updated in WMS 8.2 Preferences
  • 780 4/2/2009–4/14/2009—Problem when using hyetograph precip option with GSSHA
  • 764 3/30/2009–4/13/2009—Can't create filmloops
  • 610 2/25/2009–4/13/2009—WMS disppears when trying to open an HY-8 culvert project
  • 755 3/26/2009–4/13/2009—Problem converting coordinates when you download shapefiles with defined projection from web services
  • 784 4/2/2009–4/10/2009—Misleading text on button in GSSHA Maps dialog
  • 295 12/9/2008–4/10/2009—GSSHA 4.0 crashes in Tutorial 6.4
  • 704 3/16/2009–4/10/2009—WMS 8.2 Web services dialog does not appear if not connected to the internet
  • 703 3/16/2009–4/10/2009—Web service problem when downloading Louisiana data (and possibly data from other states)
  • 751 3/25/2009–4/10/2009—The option to convert two shapefiles of the same type to a single coverage is not available
  • 701 3/16/2009–4/7/2009—Problem with default Z units when converting NED DEM
  • 746 3/25/2009–4/7/2009—Problem converting coordinates with shapefile
  • 747 3/25/2009–4/7/2009—Problem converting coordinates with land use shapefile (no projection file)
  • 748 3/25/2009–4/7/2009—Problem with vertical units when reading a DEM file
  • 749 3/25/2009–4/6/2009—Problem setting and converting coordinates on a shapefile with a projection file
  • 750 3/25/2009–4/6/2009—Problem converting shapefiles with projections in the hydrologic modeling wizard
  • 692 3/12/2009–4/3/2009—Embankment Arc Profile Editor does not seem to update the endpoint elevations in the GSSHA-7 Tutorial.
  • 189 11/7/2008–4/3/2009—WMS crashes in Grid Ooptions dialog (display x-y axis)
  • 697 3/16/2009–4/2/2009—DEMEdit tutorial files not included in WMS 8.1 installation
  • 616 2/25/2009–4/2/2009—WMS window goes blank when deleting drainage data with Select Feature Objects tool
  • 448 1/15/2009–4/2/2009—Crash when opening *.map file on a TIN in WMS 8.1 and 8.2
  • 522 2/3/2009–4/1/2009—Color fill contours not displayed for flood delineation
  • 538 2/6/2009–3/31/2009—Delineate Basins Wizard stream display threshold units
  • 337 12/18/2008–3/31/2009—Update Delineate Basins Wizard
  • 507 1/29/2009–3/30/2009—Duplicate arcs being generated from 1D-Hyd Cross-Section coverage when exporting GIS file
  • 477 1/21/2009–3/27/2009—River Hydraulic Schematic should be deleted when XSection and Centerline coverages get deleted
  • 499 1/28/2009–3/27/2009—WMS not responding when accessing NED Data through Web Services if WebServices.exe is missing
  • 508 1/29/2009–3/26/2009—Allow the option to download and read SSURGO data files for multiple SSURGO soil shapefiles
  • 510 1/29/2009–3/25/2009—Allow users to select more than one soil type and/or land use shapefile for the Define Land Use and Soil Data step in the HMW
  • 611 2/25/2009–3/23/2009—Web Services reports two errors when trying to save to an unexisting directory
  • 547 2/6/2009–3/23/2009—Verify GSSHA embankment arc conceptualization
  • 655 3/4/2009–3/19/2009—Land use and soil shapefile options not saved
  • 656 3/4/2009–3/19/2009—Selected web catalog web service options (land use and soil) are not saved in the hydrologic modeling wizard
  • 657 3/4/2009–3/19/2009—Terraserver web service resolutions are not used in the hydrologic modeling wizard
  • 474 1/21/2009–3/19/2009—Save prompt is supressed after saving as .dwg, .dxf, .shp, or any other file type
  • 658 3/4/2009–3/18/2009—Better handling of web service file names in the hydrologic modeling wizard
  • 634 2/27/2009–3/18/2009—CE-QUAL-W2 bathymetry bug
  • 303 12/10/2008–3/16/2009—Problem color filling contours
  • 497 1/27/2009–3/12/2009—WMS crashes when re-entering the HY-8 Culvert dialog
  • 614 2/25/2009–3/10/2009—WMS crashes when deleting a MODRAT diversion from a basin in WMS 8.1 and 8.2
  • 532 2/5/2009–3/10/2009—Bug when setting bank arc attribute
  • 641 2/27/2009–3/10/2009—Change default output in MODRAT Edit Parameters window
  • 654 3/4/2009–3/10/2009—Problem creating uniform index map in WMS 8.1
  • 650 3/4/2009–3/9/2009—DEM properties dialog
  • 584 2/13/2009–3/9/2009—Next Hydrograph Station-> button in HEC-1 Parameters dialog causes WMS to crash
  • 615 2/25/2009–3/9/2009—Add Retrieve Diversion command to right click menu in MODRAT
  • 653 3/4/2009–3/9/2009—TR-20 CN entry

Release WMS 8.2.0 – April 16, 2009

WMS 8.2 has been released. This is the final release version. Bug fixes to WMS 8.2 will be posted in future updates.

Intermediate release WMS 8.2.1 (beta) – March 9, 2009

An update to WMS 8.2 Beta has been posted to the xmswiki.com web site. The main purpose of this update was to fix a problem with the WMS 8.2 beta version not working with WMS 8.1 hardware locks. The best place to obtain the update is from the WMS 8.2 beta download page on the xmswiki.com web site. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id-Date Submitted-Updated-Summary

  • None 12/6/2009–12/6/2009—Fixed a problem with WMS 8.2 not working with WMS 8.1 hardware locks
  • 272 12/2/2008–3/6/2009—WMS writes out MODRAT basin numbers incorrectly
  • 465 1/19/2009–3/6/2009—WMS crashes when color fill contouring one contour
  • 649 3/4/2009–3/5/2009—WMS crashes when converted TIN to DEM
  • 548 2/6/2009–3/5/2009—Crash converting TIN to DEM without triangulating TIN
  • 645 3/3/2009–3/5/2009—WMS 8.1 Bug – Saving as *.sup or *.shp file

WMS 8.1 Release Notes

Intermediate release WMS 8.1.6 – March 4, 2009

An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 737 12/8/2008–3/4/2009—Base Flow Parameters in HEC-1 not written properly to HEC-HMS
  • 341 12/19/2008–3/2/2009—TIN triangulation and display bugs in WMS 8.1 and WMS 8.2
  • 435 1/13/2009–2/26/2009—SWMM hydraulic schematic data not written to *.wpr or *.wms (xmdf) project files
  • 498 1/27/2009–2/26/2009—Crash when reading project file into WMS 8.2
  • 431 1/13/2009–2/25/2009—SMPDBK parameters not saved to *.wms (xmdf) project file
  • 282 12/5/2008–2/23/2009—Convert DEM to TIN crash
  • 147 10/27/2008–2/19/2009—"DEM Contours, Color Filled Polygons, and DEM Streams share same draw space in WMS 8.1"
  • 761 12/8/2008–2/19/2009—Reading the attached DEM files causes WMS to crash
  • 294 12/9/2008–2/18/2009—Film Loop issues in Tutorial 6.3 and 6.4
  • 762 12/8/2008–2/18/2009—WMS has problems reading the attached BIL files
  • 553 2/9/2009–2/17/2009—Flood depth coverage doesn't accept user defined depth intervals
  • 234 11/18/2008–2/16/2009—"WMS disappears when opening the project file at the beginning of the Volume VI, Chapter 4 tutorial."
  • 261 11/26/2008–2/16/2009—"WMS 8.1 disappears upon completion of step 10, of the 5th tutorial on the gsshawiki."
  • 262 11/26/2008–2/16/2009—WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of step 3 of Tutorials:7 Break-point Cross Sections on the GSSHA wiki.
  • 308 12/11/2008–2/16/2009—Error Displaying Shapefiles
  • 336 12/17/2008–2/16/2009—"WMS 8.2 Vanishes upon completion of step 3, section 2.3.6, of the Volume 2, Chapter 2 tutorial (Editing DEMs)."
  • 111 10/11/2008–2/12/2009—"WMS kills itself upon completion of the step 2, section 2.6.1, of tutorial vol 3, chapter 2."
  • 176 11/4/2008–2/12/2009—"On the WMS Testing machine WMS 8.1 disappears upon completion of tutorial Volume V, Chapter 2, Section 2.5.2, Step 1"
  • 293 12/9/2008–2/12/2009—"WMS 8.1 crashes upon completion of step 21, section 2.4.2, in the MODRAT Chapter 2, MODRAT GIS Tutorial"
  • 344 12/19/2008–2/12/2009—"XMDF (*.wms) file does not load (or possibly save) multiple datasets for 2D Grid, or single dataset for 2D Scatter"
  • 874 12/8/2008–2/11/2009—"Tutorials, Volume I, Chapter 5, Section, Step 7. Crash"
  • 875 12/8/2008–2/11/2009—"Tutorials, Volume I, Chapter 6, Section 6.2.4, Step 10. WMS Kills itself upon completion of this step."
  • 430 1/13/2009–2/10/2009—TIN data and xmdf project file
  • 437 12/8/2008–2/10/2009—Display Order andy nowak
  • 659 12/8/2008–2/10/2009—Orange County testing results
  • 734 12/8/2008–2/10/2009—Drawing order bug with drawing tools in 8.0 and 8.1
  • 746 12/8/2008–2/10/2009—The Shuffle (display order) tools for drawing objects do not work
  • 552 2/9/2009–2/9/2009—MODRAT 2.0 output (.out) problems
  • 559 2/9/2009–2/9/2009—MODRAT 2.0 does not run when using input hydrograph files
  • 545 2/6/2009–2/6/2009—Hydraulic structures entered at GSSHA nodes not saved
  • 531 2/5/2009–2/5/2009—GSSHA retention depth option not working
  • 527 2/4/2009–2/4/2009—Problems with the soil file running MODRAT 1.0
  • 310 12/11/2008–1/30/2009—Change the radio buttons in the Watershed Data step of the hydrologic modeling wizard from radio buttons to toggle boxes
  • 446 1/14/2009–1/30/2009—Problem saving wms.ini file from the hydrologic modeling wizard
  • 340 12/18/2008–1/28/2009—WMS will not open gdm files with old coord sys
  • 496 1/27/2009–1/27/2009—Crash deleting a GSSHA coverage
  • 429 1/13/2009–1/26/2009—Reading in options set in the HEC-HMS Meteorologic Parameters
  • 441 1/13/2009–1/26/2009—Extra default (elev) data set with ModClark model and *.wms (xmdf) project file
  • 493 1/26/2009–1/26/2009—Cropping collars on *.tif images not working properly
  • 296 12/9/2008–1/22/2009—WMS crashes when creating soil type coverage from the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard
  • 440 1/13/2009–1/22/2009—HEC-HMS ModClark transform option not saved with *.wpr or *.wms (xmdf) project files
  • 483 1/22/2009–1/22/2009—Hydrologic Modeling Wizard skips around
  • 258 11/25/2008–1/19/2009—We don't read 2D grid datasets when saving/reading the grid as an XMDF file-see description
  • 371 12/8/2008–1/19/2009—Help file not working for some help buttons
  • 743 12/8/2008–1/19/2009—Save GSSHA Project File resets display options
  • 183 11/6/2008–1/16/2009—WMS crash in Grid Options dialog
  • 184 11/6/2008–1/16/2009—WMS crashes in Grid Options dialog (Displaying Grid Points)
  • 359 12/23/2008–1/16/2009—Adverse slopes displayed on all coverages that support stream arcs
  • 416 1/9/2009–1/16/2009—Crash when creating an index map before initializing GSSHA
  • 428 1/13/2009–1/16/2009—WMS displays multiple hydrographs in the same window with the same color
  • 278 12/4/2008–1/15/2009—Using radar rainfall data for long-term gridded simulation
  • 241 11/20/2008–1/9/2009—WMS crashes (disappears) when using select feature line branch tool
  • 228 11/14/2008–1/8/2009—WMS 8.1 crashes without warning when snapping the upstream nodes of two streams together
  • 155 10/28/2008–1/6/2009—Fill below and Fill above options are backwards in WMS 8.1
  • 233 11/18/2008–1/2/2009—"WMS 8.1 Disappears upon completion of the last step of section 2.13.1 of the Volume VI, Chapter 2 tutorial."
  • 112 10/13/2008–12/30/2008—"Extra edit field for ""Round culverts"" in GSSHA"
  • 142 10/24/2008–12/18/2008—Problem displaying filmloops
  • 242 11/20/2008–12/18/2008—WMS crashes in Cross-Section Attributes dialog
  • 217 11/12/2008–12/17/2008—Add tmcontours.dwg and trailmountain.dem to the Tins directory of tutorials for WMS 8.2
  • 229 11/14/2008–12/17/2008—Add the lc.wpr file on Chris' computer and all its associated files to the HSPF tutorial directory and delete littlecotton.wpr
  • 321 12/15/2008–12/17/2008—Displaying properties of selections in the Properties Window
  • 322 12/15/2008–12/17/2008—Start time for link/node datasets in GSSHA models with precip gages not correct
  • 181 11/4/2008–12/16/2008—We need a default max conveyance depth value for GSSHA cross section channels in WMS 9.0
  • 317 12/12/2008–12/16/2008—Unitialized memory crash
  • 233 12/8/2008–12/15/2008—Crash when updating contours
  • 175 11/4/2008–12/12/2008—WMS Crashes after confirming the overwrite of a storm drain file.
  • 191 11/7/2008–12/12/2008—WMS crashes when viewing wetland cells in 2D Grid Display Options
  • 269 12/2/2008–12/12/2008—"Users should set horizontal and vertical units to meters at the beggining of the Volume 5, Chapter 1, HSPF Tutorial."
  • 274 12/3/2008–12/12/2008—WMS crashes when trying to assign detention basin parameters
  • 195 11/10/2008–12/11/2008—Help About Window needs to be updated
  • 161 10/29/2008–12/10/2008—WMS crashes at the end of the CE-QUAL-W2 Tutorial in WMS 8.1
  • 230 11/17/2008–12/10/2008—Bug in WMS 8.2 when right-clicking on a spreadsheet cell and selecting another cell
  • 213 11/12/2008–12/9/2008—"The transform command is in the TIN menu of the data module, but is not in the right-click menu for a TIN (8.1 and 8.2)"
  • 156 10/28/2008–12/8/2008—Measure tool disappears if snapped to a vertex or node in WMS 8.1
  • 232 11/17/2008–12/8/2008—Measure tool cannot trace arcs
  • 289 12/8/2008–12/8/2008—DEM color-filled contours with flow distance contours toggled on causes crash
  • 290 12/8/2008–12/8/2008—Basin labels displayed with excess space between parameters
  • 834 12/8/2008–12/8/2008—GSSHA Bug List from tutorials

Intermediate release WMS 8.1.4 – December 8, 2008

An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 270 12/2/2008–12/4/2008—Delineate Crash
  • 791 11/4/2008–12/4/2008—The Display Order options on the Display Options window don't work
  • 134 10/23/2008–12/3/2008—Define Land Use and Soil Data step in Wizard not working with GSSHA Model Coverage in 9.0
  • 273 12/2/2008–12/3/2008—File IO problem when assigning reservoirs to MODRAT diversions
  • 102 10/7/2008–12/2/2008—WMS crashes when color fill contouring a 2D grid and then dragging the WMS window to my other monitor
  • 118 10/17/2008–12/2/2008—Problem reading DEMs
  • 115 10/16/2008–12/2/2008—Contouring issue – all contour appear the same color (red)
  • 131 10/22/2008–12/2/2008—Saving shapefile *.prj files
  • 136 10/23/2008–12/1/2008—WMS 9.0 crashes when clicking "Compute Index Mapping Tables" in the Hydrologic Modeling Wizard
  • 4 7/9/2008–12/1/2008—Installation issues with copy protection and new demo password generation.
  • 194 11/7/2008–11/25/2008—change xmdf file extension from *.wpr to *.wms
  • 152 10/28/2008–11/20/2008—Computing rational method hydrographs triggers a bunch of graphics asserts in WMS 8.1
  • 174 11/4/2008–11/18/2008—WMS disappears in the HSPF tutorial (Vol V, Ch 1) when reading in littlecotton.wpr
  • 218 11/12/2008–11/17/2008—DEM display shifts when creating feature arcs
  • 877 11/4/2008–11/17/2008—WMS kills itself upon completion of Tutorial 2-2, section 2.2.3, step 7 or 8.
  • 38 8/7/2008–11/14/2008—Can't edit culvert parameters – Zack Young
  • 146 10/27/2008–11/14/2008—WMS 8.1 crashes when placing interior outlets
  • 135 10/23/2008–11/14/2008—When opening a GSSHA project in WMS 9.0, the wizard should set the current model to be GSSHA
  • 145 10/27/2008–11/14/2008—TIN display bug in WMS 8.1 – entire tin shifts when closing a feature arc
  • 150 10/28/2008–11/14/2008—WMS 8.1 crashes when adding subbasins and re-delineating after having computed a CN
  • 870 11/4/2008–11/14/2008—GSSHA Rain Gage File I/O Bug
  • 190 11/7/2008–11/13/2008—DEM contouring on screen is reversed (canyons are shown as ridges and ridges as canyons)
  • 224 11/13/2008–11/13/2008—Polygon and DEM point selection does not update correctly in graphics window
  • 182 11/6/2008–11/13/2008—Canceling out of TOPAZ Units dialog still writes out a TOPAZ elevation file
  • 123 10/21/2008–11/13/2008—Embankment Arc Profile Editor has several bugs (at least 9) in 9.0
  • 851 11/4/2008–11/13/2008—WMS Crashes when trying to create shapefiles from these coverages
  • 857 11/4/2008–11/13/2008—Embankment dialog does not change arc elevations when creating a vertical curve
  • 692 11/4/2008–11/12/2008—HMS | Compute Grid Parameters does not seem to work for computing SMA grid parameters
  • 196 11/10/2008–11/10/2008—Cannot define GSSHA link break nodes with erodible cross section stream arcs

Intermediate release WMS 8.1.3 – November 4, 2008

An update to WMS 8.1 has been posted to Aquaveo's web site. The best place to obtain the update is from the download link on Aquaveo's web site at http://www.aquaveo.com/. The following known bugs have been fixed in this version:

Bug Id Date Submitted—Updated-Summary

  • 173 10/31/2008–11/4/2008—WMS 8.1 Crashes upon completion of step 20, section 4.5.1 of the Volume II, Chapter 4 Tutorial. (HEC-HMS Interface)
  • 144 10/24/2008–10/31/2008—WMS 8.1 soil legend is squished
  • 167 10/30/2008–10/30/2008—Crash saving coordinate system metadata with DEM
  • 113 10/14/2008–10/23/2008—WMS disappears upon double clicking on the flood.wpr file in the "open" file dialog.
  • 133 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—When moving basin labels the heads of the arrows are quite large on my computer (The WMS testing machine).
  • 114 10/14/2008–10/23/2008—Upon Opening the run1.wpr file in Volume 3, Chapter 3 Tutorial WMS Crashes.
  • 637 10/31/2008–10/31/2008—Error upon saving file from the Volume 1 Chapter 3 Tutorial.
  • 876 10/30/2008–10/30/2008—WMS kills itself upon completion of Tutorial 2-1, section 1.3.5, step 7.
  • 345 10/30/2008–10/30/2008—Observation coverage does nothing
  • 860 10/30/2008–10/30/2008—Problems editing/saving/writing vertical curve weir data from a hydraulic structure point
  • 837 10/29/2008–10/29/2008—CE-QUAL-W2 issues
  • 283 10/29/2008–10/29/2008—Georeferencing is wrong for images saved with collar cropped
  • 816 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—WMS 8.1 Freezes in the Tc Wizard when rainfall depth is not entered.
  • 817 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—Hydrographs not visible near end of MODRAT-3 GIS Tutorial.
  • 829 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—WMS 8.1 gives a lot of asserts when removing flat triangles on TINs
  • 315 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—Saving Basin Only Projects
  • 359 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—WMS can't find HSPF LT executable
  • 855 10/28/2008–10/28/2008—Problem with clearing selections when selecting an item in the project explorer
  • 826 10/27/2008–10/27/2008—Bug in setting min and max contour intervals for Cumulative Rainfall Data
  • 868 10/27/2008–10/27/2008—Copy and paste error within WMS spreadsheets when commas are used
  • 849 10/27/2008–10/27/2008—Crash after importing TIN file (RELEASE VERSION ONLY)
  • 858 10/24/2008–10/24/2008—Swap edges tool is MESSED UP
  • 383 10/24/2008–10/24/2008—Cross Section computational stations remain at 0.0 when extracting Cross sections for SMPDBK
  • 862 10/24/2008–10/24/2008—Interpolation method other than IDW causes crash
  • 832 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—TR-55 spreadsheet labels are always dimmed
  • 836 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—Can't cancel out of contour options if min contour value is greater than max value
  • 838 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—Bug In CE-QUAL-W2 Tutorial block: Measure tool in segments dialog resets length to zero
  • 830 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—Building polygons around streams assigns polygons the wrong type
  • 137 10/23/2008–10/23/2008—Right-click option in spreadsheets
  • 145 10/22/2008–10/22/2008—TR-20 Reservoir Data
  • 77 10/22/2008–10/22/2008—Displaying arc after reading in TIN
  • 764 10/21/2008–10/21/2008—Vista Problem: wmsnff.exe crashes in Windows Vista
  • 871 10/21/2008–10/21/2008—Can we make the model wrapper resizable?
  • 872 10/21/2008–10/21/2008—Outflow Sedograph Plot Window bug
  • 869 10/20/2008–10/20/2008—GSSHA Soil Erosion dialog needs units
  • 562 10/20/2008–10/20/2008—Error appears when saving HEC-1 file with average precip defined
  • 870 10/20/2008–10/20/2008—GSSHA Rain Gage File I/O Bug
  • 854 10/17/2008–10/17/2008—GSSHA Multi-gage interpolation methods remain dimmed after importing a Multi-gage file
  • 807 10/17/2008–10/17/2008—Error writing curve number dataset when writing HEC-HMS file
  • 821 10/16/2008–10/16/2008—Static Text String for file path in Convert Grids dialog is too short
  • 840 10/16/2008–10/16/2008—Units for Wetland polygons do not match units reported on the gsshawiki
  • 811 10/16/2008–10/16/2008—Map Drawing Fonts will crash if non-standard fonts used
  • 740 10/15/2008–10/15/2008—Hydrographs not shown in the Volume 2 - Chapter 4 (HEC-1) Tutorial
  • 172 10/15/2008–10/15/2008—Tree right click menus bug, with "Change module when tree selection changes" off
  • 206 10/15/2008–10/15/2008—DEM delineation and redistributing arcs
  • 822 10/15/2008–10/15/2008—Bug in Contour Options dialog
  • 772 10/14/2008–10/14/2008—Film loops do not work
  • 815 10/14/2008–10/14/2008—Map Attributes Dialog Crash
  • 825 10/14/2008–10/14/2008—Incremental Rainfall dataset shows the wrong dates and times in the properties window
  • 828 10/14/2008–10/14/2008—Bug when viewing values from Hydrograph Plots
  • 814 10/13/2008–10/13/2008—WMS crashes when double clicking on GSSHA embankment arc "low points"
  • 865 10/13/2008–10/13/2008—Problem reading HEC-RAS Solution, crash when reading WMS 8.1 project file into WMS 9.0
  • 820 10/13/2008–10/13/2008—Bugs in Volume 2, Tutorial 7 of GSSHA Training course
  • 873 10/13/2008–10/13/2008—Virtual Earth gives you errors
  • 824 10/10/2008–10/10/2008—Bug in Convert Grids dialog
  • 827 10/10/2008–10/10/2008—Error when Importing Grids for GSSHA : "Error Reading Scalar Binary File"
  • 859 10/10/2008–10/10/2008—Crash when selecting gssha hydraulic structures
  • 852 10/10/2008–10/10/2008—GSSHA bug: GW_INIT_MOISTURE card not needed, not recognized by GSSHA
  • 856 10/10/2008–10/10/2008—Web Services Dialog - Tutorials Vol II, Ch 1, Section 1.3.3
  • 846 10/9/2008–10/9/2008—Problem displaying adverse slopes in GSSHA coverage
  • 864 10/9/2008–10/9/2008—GSSHA Stochastic run dialog crashes after reading GSSHA project file
  • 351 10/6/2008–10/6/2008—Tutorial files for tutorial 3 (basic feature objects)
  • 354 10/3/2008–10/3/2008—Typo in new tutorials

Intermediate release WMS 8.1.1 – October 2, 2008

Note about this update: Because NFF has been replaced by NSS in WMS 8.1, you may need to uninstall NFF from your computer before installing the update to WMS 8.1. It may also be a good idea to install NSS on your computer, though this should not be necessary. After installing this update, if you have trouble running NSS in WMS 8.1, make sure your NSSv4.mdb database file in the WMS 8.1 directory exists and is not set to Read-Only. If you continue to have problems, download and install NSS from this location.

  • The NFF (National Flood Frequency) database has been converted to the newer NSS (National Streamflow Statistics) database in WMS 8.1.
  • A problem running GSSHA in "batch" mode has been fixed.
  • A problem in web services with converting data to anything other than NAD 83 has been fixed.
  • "File Import Wizard – Step 1 of 2" Dialog freezes upon clicking next in the Vol 1 Ch 5 tutorial has been fixed.
  • Arc Selection Problem – Tutorials – Volume 1, Chapter 6, Section 6.2.3, step4 has been fixed.
  • Tutorials, Volume II, Chapter 1, Section 1.3, step 4 – mixed units in "Units" dialog has been fixed.
  • Terra Server creates an error in the Volume III, Chapter 1, Tutorial has been fixed.
  • Tutorials, Volume III, Chapter 3, Section 3.4.2, Step 6 – Z Scale Combo Box inactive has been fixed.
  • Penman Evapotranspiration method parameters not displaying in Mapping Tables (GSSHA) has been fixed.

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