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The Hydraulic Toolbox's Curb and Gutter Analysis calculator that uses the FHWA HEC-22 equations, is built into WMS and can be used to examine flow across storm drain inlets for a variety of curb and gutter openings. The dialog is reached through the Calculators | Curb & Gutters command in the Hydrologic Modeling module.

WMSCurbAndGutter.png Curbs2.jpg

Dialog Description

The dialog has three main parts as described below.


The Gutter section has values for defining the gutter dimensions. Values include:

  • Longitudinal Slope of Road
  • Cross=slope of Pavement
  • Define Cross-slope of Gutter
  • Manning's Roughness
  • Gutter Width
  • Design Flow
  • Width of Spread
  • 'Compute Unknown

The final values show the results of the computation.

  • Gutter Depression
  • Area of Flow
  • Eo (Gutter Flow to Total Flow)
  • Depth of Curb


The Inlet section allows entering parameters for the inlet.

  • Inlet Location
    • Percent Clogging
  • Inlet Types
  • Grate Types
  • Grate Width
  • Grate Length
  • Length of Inlet
  • Curb Opening Height
  • Local Depression

Parameters Table

The parameters table will display the inlet data after the Compute Inlet Data button has been clicked.

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