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The output from HSPF is also in the form of time series data. These time series are referred to as External Targets and will be written to a WDM file, which is specified in the HSPF Global Options dialog box, each time HSPF is run. Thus, specify what output is desired from HSPF and where to write the output. The Assign External Targets dialog in WMS has been developed to allow setting up the desired external targets for an HSPF run. For more information on the options for external targets, see Section 4.6.5 – EXT-TARGETS block of the HSPF manual.[1]

The Assign External Targets dialog may be opened from the Edit HSPF Attributes dialog by clicking on the External Targets button in the Basin Data box or the Reach/Reservoir Data box. The targets set up will be assigned to the selected segment.

To assign a target, the following options must be set: the group to which the source time series belong must be selected from the Group box; the source member name must be selected from the Member Name and subscript boxes; the units, access, aggregation, and transformation codes must be set; the multiplication factor should be entered; finally, the dataset to which to write the output data must be selected from the WDM file if the Use existing dataset option is chosen, or a dataset number, name, and tstype must be entered if Create new dataset is chosen. When the preceding options are set, clicking on the Assign button will add an external target to the list in the bottom window of the dialog. To delete a target, select it form the list in the bottom window and click the Delete button.

This dialog also contains an Apply targets to segments button. This button works that same as the Apply parameters to segments button explained above; the targets defined will be copied to the selected segments.

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