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An outlet, by definition in WMS, is a point that defines a confluence. It is the point where a sub basin ends and a routing reach begins. Default outlets are local minima or pits on the interior and stream exit points on the exterior of the TIN. Whenever an outlet point is added, a drainage basin for that outlet is also created. If the outlet corresponds to a stream branching point, then a drainage basin for each stream branch is created. For this reason the default outlets are not always sufficient. Outlet points can be added and deleted in order to define the sub-basins of a watershed.

Converting TIN Vertices/Nodes to Outlets

The Node ↔ Outlets command will add all selected vertices as outlet points if they are not already outlet points.

The Node ↔ Outlets command will remove selected outlet points if they are already defined as outlets. Outlet points are selected using the Select Vertices tool. When an outlet is deleted, the area or triangles associated with that outlet's drainage basins are reassigned to the next downstream basin.

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