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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Define and Smooth Streams step.

When building a GSSHA model, define the parameters for and smooth all the streams in the model before building the 2D grid. When the 2D grid is generated, the elevations on cells intersecting stream arcs will be made to match the stream arc channel depth elevations (the stream arc channel depth elevation along the stream = the stream elevation + the channel depth elevation entered in the GSSHA Feature Arc Type dialog).


  • Select one or more streams – This button selects the Select Feature Arc tool. After this tool is selected, select one or more stream arcs and edit the attributes or smooth the selected stream arcs.
  • Select a stream branch – This button selects the Select Stream Branch tool. This is a specialized tool that selects a stream arc and any arcs upstream from the selected arc. This tool is useful for selecting an entire stream network or a branch of a stream network.
  • Set Selected Arc Attributes... – This button brings up the GSSHA Feature Arc Type dialog. This dialog allows setting the attributes for all the selected arcs.
  • Redistribute Vertices on All Streams... – Selecting this button will first switch the active coverage to be the GSSHA coverage. If no arcs are selected, all the stream arcs will be selected in the GSSHA coverage. If arcs are selected, no additional arcs will be selected. The Redistribute Vertices dialog will appear to set a new spacing for the vertices on the selected arcs.
  • Smooth Selected Stream Segments... – This button will bring up the Smooth GSSHA Streams dialog for the selected arc(s). Before selecting this button, select a set of non-branched stream arcs. The Smooth Streams dialog has several options for modifying and smoothing the streams in the selected branch.