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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Delineate Watershed step

The Delineate Watershed step is used to delineate a watershed.


  • Stream threshold value – This value is used to modify the stream density. Lower values will cause the streams to be denser while higher values will create fewer streams in the completed model.
  • Apply to Display – Select this button to apply the stream threshold value entered to the display.
  • Create Tc Coverage – If this toggle is selected, a Time Computation coverage containing an arc with the longest flow path is created after delineating the watershed and sub-basins.
  • Units... – This button is used to define the model and computation coordinates and units. Turn on the option to create a Tc coverage and change which data is computed by selecting the Drain Data Compute Opts... button in the Units dialog.
  • Maximum Area – Measured in acres.
  • Sub-divide Watershed – This button subdivides the watershed into sub-basins based on the maximum sub-basin area entered.
  • Delineate Watershed – This button delineates the watershed and computes each sub-basin's data based on the selected watershed delineation parameters.

After delineating a watershed, it is possible to manually edit the extents of the watershed.