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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Setup Tailwater Channel step.

The Setup Tailwater Channel step is used to allow defining a tailwater channel in much the same way as defining a roadway centerline or a culvert crossing centerline in a previous wizard step.


When clicking on the define tailwater centerline button, WMS either gets the HY8 coverage and makes it the active coverage or creates a new HY8 coverage if one does not exist and make this new coverage the active coverage. Create tailwater centerline arcs in the HY8 coverage. When creating the tailwater centerline arcs, start at the downstream end of the culvert crossing arc and create an arc downstream from that location.

If no tailwater arcs are selected, clicking on the Edit Tailwater Data... button selects all the tailwater arcs in the HY8 coverage and brings up the arc attributes for these arcs. If tailwater arcs are selected, only the selected tailwater arc attributes are shown. These attributes are shown in the arc attribute spreadsheet format.

After creating tailwater arcs, values for channel slope and channel invert elevation are defaulted from the background DEM data, using the elevation at the most upstream end of the tailwater arc. Enter values for other parameters such as bottom width, side slopes, and roughness.

If the irregular channel type is selected, a button that allows entering a cross section using the HY-8 irregular tailwater channel editor and then assigns this cross section to the tailwater channel.

For more information on how WMS uses this data to set the HY8 Roadway Data, please see: Path of Data from WMS to HY8