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The HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Project Filename dialog.

The WMS HY-8 Modeling Wizard (HY8 ModelingWizardIcon.svg) is a simple tool that guides through all the steps involved in creating a hydrologic model and routing the results from this model through a culvert. It can be accessed by selecting the HY-8 modeling wizard tool in the Get Data Toolbar (GetDataToolbar1.png).


The following steps are included in the HY-8 modeling wizard:

  1. Project Filename
  2. Define Project Bounds
  3. Watershed Data
  4. Download Data (Web Service Client)
  5. Read Data (Catalog)
  6. Define Culvert Roadway Data
  7. Compute Flow Directions and Flow Accumulations
  8. Choose Outlet Locations
  9. Delineate Watershed
  10. Select Model
  11. Job Control
  12. Define Land Use and Soil Data
  13. Hydrologic Computations
  14. Define Precipitation
  15. Clean Up Model
  16. Run Hydrologic Model
  17. Crossing Discharge Data
  18. Setup Tailwater Channel
  19. Culvert and Site Data
  20. Run Culvert Analysis
  21. Define Flood Inundation Polygon
  22. Storage Capacity Data
  23. Define Upstream Channel
  24. Delineate Inundated Area

General Information

If wanting to see where each variable for the HY-8 model originates in the WMS HY-8 modeling wizard, please read the following page: Path of Data from WMS To HY8.