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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Delineate Inundated Area step.

The Delineate Inundated Area step is used to delineate the floodplain corresponding to the culvert's design flow or hydrograph at each culvert crossing.


The two delineation options are to delineate the entire hydrograph or to delineate only the design discharge. In either case, options such as the search radius set in the Floodplain Delineation Options are used to delineate the floodplain.

When WMS delineates the floodplain for each culvert crossing, it creates a 2D scatter set with 1 water surface elevation point at the upstream end of the culvert and at the specified distance along the upstream arc. The water surface elevation point interpolation interval is defaulted such that 20 solution points show up along the length of the upstream arc, but it is possible to edit this interpolation interval. When the Delineate button is pressed, WMS creates a new 2D scattered dataset with elevation points at the upstream end of the culvert and at the specified interval along the upstream arc. WMS then populates a headwater elevation dataset in the 2D scattered dataset with the headwater values from the routed hydrograph or from the design discharge. Then WMS delineates the floodplain at each time step for a routed hydrograph or at a single time step for the design discharge.