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HY8 Modeling Wizard showing the Culvert and Site Data step.

The Culvert and Site Data step is used to finish setting up the culvert data by defining the data in the HY-8 Crossing Data dialog. This step shows a spreadsheet with a listing of each culvert crossing. A user can edit the culvert and site data associated with each crossing by clicking on the Edit button in the dialog.


Clicking the Edit button saves an HY-8 input file to the temp directory, starts HY-8, and bring up the crossing data dialog for HY-8, where the site data parameters are defaulted based on the culvert arc locations entered earlier in the analysis. The discharge data, tailwater data, and roadway data are collected from previous steps in the wizard and from tailwater and roadway arc attributes. The culvert shape, size, and inlet condition still needs to be entered in the crossing data dialog.

Clicking on OK from the crossing data dialog saves an HY-8 file to the temp directory, closes HY-8, and reads the HY-8 file back into WMS so it is associated with the culvert crossing arc.