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The Extract Cross Sections command in the River Tools menu uses the cross section arcs and a digital terrain model (TINs are the only source that can currently be used) to extract the elevations at vertices of the feature arc cross sections, or at the intersection points with the triangles.

Extract Cross Sections dialog.

Cross sections for individual arcs may be extracted by selecting the arc(s) before choosing the Extract Cross Sections command. If no cross sections are selected then the Use All Cross Sections option is used.

Point properties (thalweg, left bank, right bank) can be defined from a 1D-Hydraulic Centerline coverage, or by AutoMark. The AutoMark option will examine the elevations of the extracted cross sections and try to infer the thalweg (low point) and the left and right bank points (change of slope) automatically.

Line properties can be determined from an area property coverage by intersecting the cross section arcs with the area property polygons and marking them in the cross section database.

Cross Section Database

When extracting the cross sections, a prompt will ask for the name of a cross section database file. WMS stores all of the cross section information in a text database file. The cross section database can also be edited independently using the Cross Section Editor tools. Extracting cross sections with feature arcs is only way to generate cross section information, they also can be imported from spreadsheet files (cut and paste), or entered manually.

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