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SMS User Manual 11.2, Volume 2


3. Modules
3.1. 1D Grid Module
1D Grid Module
1D Grid Display Options
1D Grid Tools
3.2. Cartesian Grid Module
Cartesian Grid Module
Cartesian Grid Coordinates
Cartesian Grid Data Menu
Cartesian Grid Module Display Options
Cartesian Grid Tools
Grid Frame Properties
Grid Smoothing
Refine Point Dialog
3.3. Curvilinear Grid Module
Curvilinear Grid Module
Curvilinear Grid Display Options
Curvilinear Grid Module Tools
3.4. GIS Module
GIS Module
Importing Shapefiles
GIS Module Tools
GIS Module Menus
GIS Conversion and Editing
GIS Module Display Options
GIS to Feature Objects Wizard
3.5. Map Module
Map Module
3.5.a. Coverage Types
3.5.a.1. Generic Coverages
Generic Coverages
Activity Classification Coverage
Area Property Coverage
Feature Stamping
Mapping Coverage
Spatial Data
Spectral Coverage
3.5.a.2. Model Specific Coverages
Model Specific Coverages
1D Hyd Centerline Coverage
1D Hyd Cross Section Coverage
ADCIRC Wind Coverage
ADH Vessel
ESMF – Earth System Modeling Framework
Synthetic Storm Coverage
3.5.b. Interface Components
Interface Components
Map Module Display Options
Map Feature Objects Menu
Map Module Tools
Map Project Explorer
3.5.c. Functionalities
Feature Objects Types
Attributes in the Feature Objects Menu
Map Module Selection
3.5.c.1. Feature Object Creation
Build Polygons
3.5.c.2. Feature Object Modification
Feature Object Modification: All
Converting Coverages
Converting Feature Objects
Unstructured Grid Generation from a Conceptual Model
Select/Delete Data...
Feature Object Commands
3.6. Mesh Module
Mesh Module
3.6.a. Mesh Generation
Mesh Generation
Refine Attributes Dialog
2D Mesh Options Dialog
2D Mesh Polygon Properties
Advancing Front Triangulation
Mesh Node Triangulation
Merge 2D Meshes
Adaptive Tesselation
Size Function
3.6.b. Interface Components
3.6.b.1. Mesh Module Display Options
Mesh Module Display Options
Mesh Quality
3.6.b.2. 2D Mesh Module Tools
2D Mesh Module Tools
Editing 2D Meshes
2D Mesh Module Tools Right-Click Menus
3.6.b.3. 2D Mesh Module Menus
2D Mesh Module Menus
2D Mesh Nodestrings Menu
Mesh Data Menu
3.6.b.3.1. 2D Mesh Elements Menu
2D Mesh Elements Menu
Element types
Boundary Triangles
Convert Elements
Mesh Element Options
3.6.b.3.2. 2D Mesh Nodes Menu
2D Mesh Nodes Menu
2D Mesh Node Options Dialog
Reduce Nodal Connectivity
3.7 Particle Module
Particle Module
Particle Module Display Options
Particle Module Menus
3.7.a. Particle Module Datasets
Particle Grid Dataset Bin Elevations
Particle Module Compute Grid Datasets
PTM Create Grid Datasets – Fence Diagrams
3.8 Quadtree Module
Quadtree Module
Telescoping Grids
Quadtree Tools
Quadtree Menus
Quadtree Display Options
3.9 Raster Module
Raster Module
Raster Functionalities
Raster Module Interface
3.10 Scatter Module
Scatter Module
3.10.a. Interface Components
Scatter Module Display Options
Scatter Project Explorer Items
Scatter Module Tools
3.10.a.1. Scatter Module Menus
Scatter Menu
Scatter Data Menu
Scatter Breakline Menu
Scatter Triangles Menu
Scatter Vertices Menu
3.10.b. Functionalities
Scatter Options
Use of DEMs in the Scatter Module
Scatter Breakline Options
Process Boundary Triangles
Generate Contour Breaklines
3.10.c. Scatter Interpolation
Scatter Interpolation
Laplacian Interpolation
Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation
Natural Neighbor Interpolation
Linear Interpolation