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GSSHA Solution Data dialog

The GSSHA Solution Data dialog is accessible by clicking the Dot dot dot button.png button in the Solution Results column in the GSSHA feature arc Properties dialog. It displays the output of grid- and point-based datasets produced by GSSHA during a simulation.

For the point based datasets, only datasets originally associated with the selected feature node can be viewed at that node. For gridded datasets, the cell underlying the feature node is used to extract a time series for the specified dataset.

The following options are available in this dialog:

  • Solution – A drop-down giving a list of available solutions.
  • Dataset – A drop-down lists the available datasets within the selected solution.
  • Node – A drop-down allows a specific node to be selected. The coordinates of the selected node are displayed above the drop-down, and the link number is displayed to the left of the drop-down.
  • Export – Brings up the Export Solution Series dialog, where the selected solution dataset can be exported as an XY Series file (XYS).

Below the options is a plot that changes depending on what is selected from the drop-downs.